‘We don’t accept this’, Harry’s wife’s wardrobe shocks

The Duke of Sussex’s wife stood out during her latest visit to Nigeria, but not for good reasons. Indeed, in a speech the First Lady criticized her clothing by multiplying cultural references.

The royal family of England is experiencing an eventful year in 2024, not to say that it is going through a crisis… After the Prince Harry shot several of its members last year in his bestselling autobiography The substitutehis father, the king Charles III, is currently affected by cancer which forced him to rest throughout the spring. His wife Camilla Parker-Bowles carried out part of his functions and remains very present today to support him in his convalescence and his sovereign obligations. And while he has made several public appearances in recent weeks, his son Prince Harry flew to the Nigeria.

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It’s with his wife Meghan Markle that Archie and Lilibet’s dad headed to West Africa from May 12 to 14, for an unofficial visit to meet its citizens. However, the couple did not leave only good memories to some of them, and in particular to the First Lady who has just given a speech critical of them.

The cultural impact of Meghan Markle’s visit

It is more particularly the Duchess of Sussex and her clothing which were targeted in Oluremi Tinubu’s plea. “The message here is that we have to save our children. We see the way they dress. They keep forgetting that Nigeria is a beautiful country. You can see what they present on stage, I I said, ‘We’re in fashion, we see what’s happening.'”she first expressed, before getting to the point without actually quoting Meghan Markle officially beforehand: “It is not the Met Gala here. Nudity is everywhere”in reference to the last star meeting which took place a few days ago in Los Angeles.

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In a May 25 publication on X (formerly Twitter), Arise News reports comments with a very political significance. “So we need to do something about it and tell them that we don’t accept this in our culture. It’s not beautiful at all. They’re all beautiful girls, but they need to be confident in themselves. They don’t should not imitate or try to imitate American movie stars. They don’t know where they come from. Why did Meghan come here to Africa? This is something we need to bring home. We know who we are. Don’t lose your identity”concluded the First Lady of Nigeria, multiplying the cultural references to give them an international dimension.

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Kate Middleton absent until 2025?

While English experts talk about a royal African tour “disguised” who could lead the Sussexes to Ghana soon, the other daughter-in-law of King Charles III is making a lot of talk this week (The Mirror). But for completely other reasons! Indeed, Kate Middleton is suffering from cancer and the news was made official in March. She has not made any public appearance since December 25, 2023, forced into forced rest.

But serious concerns have been felt for several hours and revelations from a royal source relayed by the DailyBeastsuggesting that Kate Middleton would not return to office before 2025. “I am told that Kate’s calendar for this year is empty. She will not appear in public for the rest of the year.”. At Dailymailanother source states that “the main thing for her today is to avoid any form of stress or anxiety and to concentrate on her recovery”. To be continued!


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