We entrusted the Honor X8 to our readers for 20 days: here is their verdict

Last month, we asked Frandroid readers to give their opinion on the very recent Honor X8. Design, performance, autonomy, photo: here is what they thought after a few days of testing.

A few weeks ago, we made a call to testers within the Frandroid community to find out what they thought of the new Honor X8. After meticulously studying the applications, we selected three readers:

  • Marie: 24 years old and living in Rennes. She appreciates “that Honor offers the possibility of affording a telephone without paying a minimum wage” and was challenged by the design of the X8;
  • Bastian: 20 years old and living in Vendenheim (67). He is a fan from the start (he still owns an Honor 8X) and for whom Honor evokes youth and accessibility to technology;
  • Jacques, 59 years old and residing in Cussac-sur-Loire (43). Honor smartphones have accompanied him on a daily basis for the past 7 years.

We lent them an Honor X8 to each, so that they could test it at their leisure, in the best possible conditions. Here’s what they think after twenty days of getting started.

Design and grip: “a pleasure to use”

On this point, our readers are unanimous: the Honor X8 is very pleasant to use on a daily basis. Bastian thus informs us that “Thanks to its finesse, its lightness and its flat edges, the grip is perfect», which Marie corroborates: « lhe use of the Honor X8 is pleasant and quite simple, the grip rather pleasanteven if she admits to having been a little disturbed by the lightness of the device. Two reviews that only confirm their first impressions.

Jacques, for his part, had been surprised by the weight and size of the smartphone upon receipt, noting all the same that “it’s quite nice to have a smartphone under 200 grams“. At the end of the test, he confirms this first impression: “pleasant surprise, the Honor X8 is very light and it is pleasant despite its size“. He also salutes the format of the Honor X8 which “promotes grip and text input with one hand“.

On the design side, it is almost faultless for our three testers. Bastien “love the slices with flat edges“, while Marie finds “theThe very elegant design of the Honor X8“. The only downside, all three find that the back of the smartphone, made of plastic, tends to catch and retain fingerprints a little too easily. However, this plastic back is not a problem for Bastian: “Although it is made of plastic, the Honor X8 is very beautiful and does not look cheap“.

Bet won for Honor finally, with the installation of the fingerprint sensor on the power button. Marie finds the ideavery good and practical »while Bastian finds it “very responsive» and believes that he «falls well under the thumb“. Jacques for his part, had some doubts at first sight:

I look for the power button and there I have a little trouble feeling it under my finger and several times I have to look at its positioning. We will see later with use if this is recurrent and therefore a small unpleasant defect; or if you get used to it.

However, he was conquered at the end of the test:

The functionality on the “on/off” button of the unlocking is a real success, because after 2 or 3 days of research the finger falls on it and the unlocking is reactive.

Screen: “the fineness of the borders is superb”

The screen is also a point of satisfaction for our three testers, who were more than satisfied with this 90 Hz LCD panel. Both Jacques and Marie find that the colors are faithful and welcome the fluidity of the display. The large size of the screen, 6.7 inches all the same, is a good point for Marie: “The size of the screen also makes it nice to look at.“.

Jacques, who regularly watches YouTube on his smartphone, initially feared the aspect ratio of the screen. At the end of the test, it should be that “this 6.7 inch is quite nice for an LCD“, not noting any particular problem of distortion of the image during its viewings.

For Bastian, who had expressed his concern about the size of the slab during his first impressions, it’s even a real crush:

The display complements the pleasing design. We feel a certain synergy between the design and the screen. The fineness of the edges is superb. It’s as if I took in hand a simple screen, devoid of any frills. The colors are beautiful and the refresh rate pleases the retina.

Interface: “understandable and easy to use”

For Bastian as for Jacques, using the Honor X8 was a breeze. It must be said that our two testers are regulars of the brand’s smartphones. Jacques tells us that he was not lost and that he appreciated this interface. Bastian for his part notes a “good interface, but lacks a bit of novelty“. Both are eagerly awaiting the update to Android 12, announced by Honor shortly after the release of the X8.

Having never used Honor smartphones, Marie took a little longer to get used to:

My experience was pretty smooth, although it took me a bit to adjust to the difference with the iPhone I currently have.

She notes, however, that “theHonor X8 interface is very understandable and easy to use“.

Performance: “the Honor X8 has never let me down in all my trials”

Overall, our three readers were convinced by the performance of the Honor X8, despite different uses. None encountered any particular problems with their usual applications, any more than during daily use, even praising the fluidity and responsiveness of the phone.

Jacques, who used the Phone Clone application to transfer all the data and applications from his old smartphone to test the Honor X8, is satisfied: “my experience is very encouraging, because it has not been faulted on video or games. I was even pleasantly surprised by the speed of calculation…“. He also emphasizes the simplicity of the data transfer process and the pleasure he took in finding the content and interface of his old phone as is.

Honor X8 // Source: Johana Hallmann for Frandroid

The Honor X8 also performs well in terms of battery life and all three of our testers appreciated the presence of fast charging, which Marie describes as “practice“. For his part, Bastian welcomes optimization:

I think everything has been well optimized, but I owe it above all to the Snapdragon 680. I lasted a day of intensive use and I’m satisfied with it.

As for Jacques, who for his part had some fears:

Autonomy that surprised me, because more than 1 day even if we can not spend the 2 days in average use. The charge is quite fast and that suits me, because it also avoids the heating of the smartphone with too fast a charge.

Photo: a “64 MP, f/1.8 (wide) sensor that performs”

On the photo side, our three testers are on the same wavelength: it is the main sensor, with its 64 megapixels, which stands out the most by offering a satisfactory rendering, as proven by the shots sent to us by Bastian . Marie, for her part, appreciated the portrait mode.

However, they are a little disappointed by the rendering of certain photo modes: Marie, for example, told us: “I tried other photo modes, but I was not conquered“.

Conclusion: “a value for money that does not leave anyone indifferent”

After having had the Honor X8 in their hands for around twenty days, Marie, Jacques and Bastian are quite satisfied with their experience. We will also let them have the floor to conclude:

  • Bastien: he once again underlines his design “which gives it a nice grip and its immersive screen“.
  • Jack:Honor comes, with the Honor X8, to mark its big comeback and this smartphone deserves that we are interested in it. A value for money that does not leave you indifferent. Smartphone recommended for someone looking for around 200 euros.»
  • Married :The value for money is undeniable, today at this price it is impossible to find a phone with this design and these features. I will recommend it to someone who wants to have a smartphone at an affordable price.»

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