“We expose ourselves to people’s judgment”, the ex-Miss France fears the media coverage of her life

Cindy Fabre speaks transparently about the impact of her role within the Miss France Committee on her personal life, she who intends to pursue a brilliant professional career without forgetting her role as a mother.

Cindy Fabre returns from a stay in Mauritius organized with several former beauty queens including Maëva Coucke, Camille Cerf and Indira Ampiot, for the traditional integration trip for the new crowned head. They were all gathered aroundEve Gillessacred Miss France 2024 at the Zénith in Dijon in December. Several shootings were carried out to immortalize this reunion, and the Editorial Team Leisure TV who followed them also underlined that Eve Gilles was “disconcertingly natural”that she even seemed “born to be in front of the lens”. And yet, during this escapade nearly 10,000 kilometers from the metropolis the latter explained that her confidence in herself had been completely “destroyed” following her election, in view of the harsh comments to which she had been the subject because of her haircut and her physique.

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Cindy Fabre is full of praise for his attention and the start of his reign. “I have a very positive assessment. The exercise is not simple, the media tour is intense and she is doing wonderfully”she in turn declared at the end of this integration trip (Leisure TV), as director of the Miss France competition. “I quickly saw that we were dealing with a determined woman, who knew where she was going, who was absolutely not afraid of journalists or TV sets. While that can be impressive! A woman with a strong temperament, who assumes it”she added, demonstrating an almost natural management of notoriety.

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The identity of her future husband kept secret

The former television host, now aged 38, spoke herself about the media coverage of her personal life, she who had been elected Miss France 2005 in Tours on December 4, 2004. “We expose so much of our lives… Miss France belongs to the French so from there, we offer them our whole life from a very young age for some”she recalled, before admitting that at “a given moment”we had to be aware that they were exposed to “judgment of people”. “When we start exposing our personal lives, we allow these people to give their opinion. It takes time to accept that people can judge usshe informed our colleagues at Leisure TV.

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This reflection arises in particular from the reactions aroused by the posting of a photo on social networks last December, after his companion, whose identity remains secret, made his marriage proposal. Cindy Fabre remembers it like it was yesterday… “I posted without realizing the impact it was going to have. I was on my sofa, I thought the photo was pretty… I said to myself: ‘I’m going to post it on Instagram’. I didn’t realized that I was opening another aspect of my life and therefore that I was exposing myself to the judgment of others”declared Elio’s mother, completely lucid about the fact that the name of her future husband would soon be known. “It will soon become known!”she joked afterwards.

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The wedding date already set, which Miss guests?

However, the one who leads a brilliant professional life and maintains her role as a mother intends to continue to protect her son, a 13-year-old teenager. “I expose him less because he is growing up and his youth and innocence can allow some people to be slanderous in comments”she added, while evoking her shared custody and the maturity of Elio who “accepted” and said to himself “very proud” of his mother’s success. “When he can be present at Miss elections, he comes! And I always bring him souvenirs from my travels”she simply wanted to say on this subject, without spreading herself too thin.

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What about marriage? The date has already been set and the festivities will take place this summer, just over six months after the announcement of the engagement. “I of course sent messages to the invited Miss France, who all have a very busy schedule. They count in our lives so in important moments obviously”, concluded Cindy Fabre, without giving a name. Will Eve Gilles be there?


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