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Do you want to change your head or transform your hairstyle and adopt the bangs? And if you fell for the transparent fringe, this new trendy fringe which promises to be essential this winter.

We announced it to you as one of the details of the most trendy cut to adopt this fall-winter 2021-2022 and, these last months have confirmed the thing: the fringe has decidedly cold days ahead of it and still continues to conquer. more fronts this season. If lately, it is rather the curtain fringe that opens in two on the forehead that was favored by women, now it is a new type of fringe that is shaping up to be one of the key hairstyles trends of the year 2022 : the transparent bangs.

Totally different from the voluminous seventies fringe, the latter takes its name from its lightness and the fact thatshe lets see the forehead between her fine locks as its little English name suggests with even greater accuracy: the see-through bangs. Fine and airy as a whole, this new trendy fringe can be worn with tapered tips who flirt with eyebrows and with a certain casualness since it does not need to be perfectly brushed.

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Are sheer bangs right for you?

Unlike a lot of bangs whose structure really hides the forehead like thick straight bangs, sheer bangs don’t create that usual “wicking effect” that hides part of the face entirely. For this reason, it is not so much the shape of your face that it will be necessary to take into account but rather that of your forehead! And good news, even if your forehead is small and that the bangs do not usually highlight it, the transparent bangs are perfectly suited to your body type. Those who already wear the bangs well with a larger forehead be reassured, they too can adopt this trendy hairstyle. They will simply have the chance to wear it longer if they wish.
As to hair type, it will not pose a problem since people with curly hair will be able to fall as much for its aerial look as those with straight or naturally supple or even wavy hair, which, in general, is a brake on the adoption of bangs because cutting then requires constant maintenance.

Transparent bangs: an ideal first bang

This is also one of the best assets of this type of bangs, it does not require a lot of maintenance which is perfect for novices or people who don’t like spending hours styling their bangs. If a little brush and hairdryer can of course give it allure, it is also willing to wear free rein to natural hair texture unlike a lot of bangs which must be styled every day.
In addition, it allowsadopt the bangs but not too drastically because her lock of hair is not thick and heavy, which is ideal when you do not yet know if you will get used to this radical change. Finally, thanks to the finesse of its wicks and its lightness, it is also possible to hide it easily by styling her locks on either side of the face without the cut being too obvious. Perfect for those who like to change their hairstyle regularly and those who quickly regret the cut of the scissors!

How to adopt transparent bangs, the flagship hairstyle trend of 2022?

A little tour at the hairdresser is essential! This is already true for all types of bangs but maybe even more so for this one, the bangs are a hair detail that you do not recommend creating on your own with a pair of scissors at home. If cutting straight bangs yourself is already more than perilous, creating transparent bangs requires the dexterity of a hairdresser. Do not embark on the experience at home at the risk of being disappointed with your new bangs.

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