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While she has no secrets for her fans, Cristina Cordula recently revealed to them on Instagram her tip for looking tanned all year round. And there is nothing simpler.

With the arrival of autumn, some skins will appear a little dull while the sun will gradually become more discreet and the temperature will drop a few degrees. Fortunately, Cristina Cordula has the best solution to overcome these small inconveniences that make the skin so sad, as she revealed on her Instagram account. After breaking into modeling, the show’s host Shopping Queens on M6 is never stingy when it comes to advice for its admirers, whether on the fashion side, or even for make-up. And when it comes to good-looking advice, after her anti-aging tip, she’s also not short of recommendations, she who displays an impeccable, tanned complexion in summer and winter alike.

In a video unveiled on her Instagram account, she revealed her little tips in a video. Armed with her Magnifaïk palette, her own make-up brand named in honor of her favorite expression that has become her trademark, Cristina Cordula unveiled her make-up routine down to the smallest detail: dots of light on the cheek bone, the inner corner of the eyes and under the arches of the eyebrows, blush for a healthy glow, brown pencil level with the upper lashes blended with a brush, and above all, to look tanned all year round… bronzer! Indeed, the M6 ​​star never misses this step which allows her to enhance her complexion and make it tanned all year round. “We want to sparkle, radiate, shine. And don’t forget the sunglasses to finish off the look in style”wrote Cristina Cordula in the caption of the video.

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Cristina Cordula reveals her technique

To complete her little advice for looking good with a tanned complexion all year round, the 57-year-old host took the opportunity to reveal her makeup technique for applying her bronzer. To do this, she uses a medium-sized brush and taps into the hollow of her cheek, below the cheekbone, to sculpt the features and accentuate the natural shadow she has on her oval-shaped face. Soon, for sure, she will no longer have any secrets for her fans to whom she always provides valuable advice. Because after all, as she keeps repeating in Shopping Queens : beauty can make all the difference.

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