we finally know the first name of his daughter (and it's original)!

Gigi Hadid revealed her four-month-old daughter's first name on Instagram! Internet users were waiting for this.

A lovely name. On September 21, Gigi Hadid gave birth to her first child with Zayn Malik. The 25-year-old model had previously revealed the sex of the baby during her pregnancy: it is a little girl. Fairly discreet about her private life, the young mother nevertheless never showed the child's face. So far, she hadn't revealed the girl's first name either. Four months after giving birth, Gigi Hadid however seems to no longer want to hold her tongue.

Indeed, as many American media have noticed, the top has just changed her bio on Instagram, in which she wrote "Khai's mom". Understand "Khai's Mum". The mystery surrounding the girl's first name is therefore lifted: her name is Khai. It is a first name of Vietnamese origin, meaning "opening, beginning". If defined as a male given name, Gigi Hadid proves that he looks great on a little girl too. We love its originality!

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4 months of investigation

During the first four months of Khai's life, Internet users gave themselves body and soul to find the girl's first name… even if it meant seeing signs everywhere. Gigi Hadid being close to Taylor Swift, some thought that the singer had revealed the first name of the girl in her last album. It must be said that she did it for the latest addition to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Fans of the model and the artist were therefore convinced that the girl was named "Dorothea".

This theory was quickly forgotten to make way for another… as soon as Zayn Malik's new album came out. Internet users have indeed analyzed all the songs to have a clue on the baby's first name and have made two hypotheses: Calamity or River.

Today we know they were all wrong. Gigi Hadid may have decided to reveal her baby's first name to put an end to these hazy theories. In the meantime, we wish little Khai lots of happiness.

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