We finally know the mystery project of Squeezie, Gotaga and Brawks

The three stars of the live video have launched their own E-Sport structure called “Gentle Mates”.

After a teaser on social networks, Squeezie, Gotaga and Brawks revealed their big project as planned this April 13 on Twitch. The most followed youtuber in France and multiple e-sport champions announce the launch of “ Gentle Mates », their own esports team.

Many expected it in the community of video game competitors, Gotaga had already started posting on Twitter the name of a mysterious team called SBG, the initials of each streamer. Brieuc LEC Wooloo Seeger, a journalist specializing in the sector, had also indicated in January that a workforce was in development headed by Squeezie, Gotaga and Brawks, competitor and former teammate of the second in the Vitality workforce.

A first title in sight

In an announcement video on Twitter, the three internet celebrities gave a look back at their journey in a style “ self made in the American style before displaying the final name of the structure, ” Gentle Mates “. This new club first tackles the competitions of the game Valorant, published by Riot Games. A squad has already been formed for this title. A launch party is scheduled for Friday, April 14 at 8 p.m.

The Gentle Mates logo with its first sponsors. // Source: Twitter

This project probably has the ambition to compete with the big clubs already in place such as Vitality, Solary or Karmine Corp. Gotaga and Brawks are champions on Call of Duty and would probably like to impose themselves on this game. Squeezie is already working on many web projects through his own studio. Through this structure, he leverages the weight and popularity of the three streamers to create excitement around his team’s future competitions.

E-sport brings together around 530 million people around the world. In terms of revenue, the market reaches approximately $1.38 billion. The biggest events can fill stadiums with 20,000 people. Accor Arena de Bercy in Paris has already hosted competitions.

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