“We had fun talking to them about showbiz between two cafes”: the inhabitants of Gers where the Bogdanoffs had their castle remember the twins

Their disappearance a few days apart marked the whole of France. But the Bogdanoff twins were particularly attached to a place: the Gers, where the inhabitants keep precise memories of them.

At the same time that the time for tributes comes that of testimonies and stories about the lives of the disappeared and the experiences shared with them. Between the end of December 2021 and the beginning of the year 2022, the Bogdanoff twins, Igor and Grichka, popular science television figures, died of Covid when they were not vaccinated, a few days apart. They were so famous that comments about their disappearance poured in. If the animators, inseparable, were especially famous for their contribution to the audio-visual one, their family history was also worthy of interest. The two had a privileged childhood in the Gers, where their aristocratic grandmother lived. It is in a castle in this department that they grew up… and that they decided to set up later. Even though TV stars weren’t no longer really present on site, the inhabitants keep a precise memory of the owners. This is what the newspaper relates The Dispatch this Wednesday which, to take the pulse, went to the market in the neighboring town of Fleurance.

“A desaster”

The owner of the cafe they frequented a few years ago described “nice people” and explains: “Here, we treat all customers the same, but we had fun talking to them about showbiz between two cafes. “ Michel Cassé, a famous astrophysicist from the town, comments: “I recognize their semantic talent, their capacity for expression and their Gascon daring, but from a scientific point of view, I reject their quality.” In addition to their contested scientific work, the twins did not leave only memories devoid of shadows on the board among the Gers residents, in particular concerning the dilapidated state of their castle. The mayor of Monfort confides: “For twenty years, they left the castle in peril. The estimate for the roof amounts to four million euros. It’s a disaster.”

Banquets, unusual physique and sports cars

Indeed, their castle is today threatened with ruin and several calls to save it have been issued in a few years, including from a conservation association highlighting the fact that the castle is the oldest castle. of the department still standing. It is in particular its roof that poses a problem and weakens the entire structure, a private domain over which public authorities have no power. The former mayor of Fleurance remembers the castle from several years ago and a “strong communion around the Bogdanoffs who organized banquets there with all their family and friends. I remember that the atmosphere was spellbinding. ” As for the external vision of the twins, locals mostly remember “of their atypical physique which did not go unnoticed, of Grichka’s beautiful sports car or even of Igor’s passion for photography”, finally explains the journalist.

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