“We have been waiting for this for years”: Léo, the son of Amandine Pellissard (Large families) officially adopted by his stepfather Alexandre

The announcement of the adoption of Léo by Alexandre Pelissard (Large families: life in XXL) follows long years of waiting for the teenager, his stepfather and obviously his mother Amandine.

The news should touch more than one! For almost two years now, millions of people have been following the history of Pellissard, whether on TF1 in Large families: life in XXL or on social networks. In a relationship with Alexander for 13 years, Amandine officially became Madame Pellissard in 2020. Together, they are parents of seven children: Lena, Alina, Louna, Adam, Charles, Hector and Octave. Before meeting her husband, the young woman was already the mother of Léo, born in 2006, and had only one wish concerning him: that he too, one day, be a Pellissard. A wish that came true a few days after the New Year …

At the top of happiness

It is common for Amandine and her companion to keep their large community (268,000 subscribers!) Informed on Instagram when major events occur. To do this, parents organize lives on the social network. This was the case this Wednesday, January 12, 2022. “It is officially announced that we have finally signed the consent for the adoption of Léo by my darling at the notary, very recently. That’s it, it’s done, it’s signed, it’s recorded, it’s booked! Here it is, he becomes a great Pellissard the little guy! Well, he already was. But on paper, it also becomes one. Well done, congratulations Leo, we applaud him!“, rejoice Amandine and Alexandre. It’s been great, since the time!, adds the stepfather of the teenager who dreamed of this moment.

A long process

Parents and child had to be patient before the finalization of the procedure. “I’m not even telling you … We’ve been waiting for this for years. Thank you, the French administration, it took a long time. We got married, after there was the covid, [ce qui fait que] it took a monstrous time. (…) We spent some pretty emotional days these last days, I won’t hide it from you“Says Amandine Pelissard. Moments that viewers can certainly follow in the TF1 soap opera:”All this you will find out later, in due course. (…) It means a lot for us, especially for Leo.

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