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TF1 has just unveiled more details on the TV movie project which will tell the story of serial killer Michel Fourniret. We already know who will play it.

by Melanie Bonvard

It is an adaptation that already seems to be eagerly awaited on TF1. The serial killer Michel Fourniret will be at the heart of a television film produced by the channel and will highlight the one called the Orgre des Ardennes as well as his wife Monique Olivier, who was an accomplice in all his crimes. It seems that filming can start on August 10, at least if the sanitary conditions allow it. The movie is called "Provide the hunt". The production therefore already has its cast and we know who will play Michel Fourniret for these two 45-minute episodes. It will be the actor Michel Torreton. Monique Olivier, for her part, will be interpreted by Isabelle Gélinas. On the side of the police and justice, we can find François-Xavier Demaison, Mélanie Bernier or even Yves Rénier in the roles of police officer, police captain as well as the prosecutor in charge of the case.

If this project seems eagerly awaited, it is not unanimous. Many blame a "starification" criminals instead of focusing on the victims, who are often invisible in such cases. Corinne Herrmann, lawyer for Estelle Mouzin's father, deplores the production of a TV movie such as "Provide and Track" : "How many families will still have to be consoled? Why starify criminals and never take an interest in the victims? " she explains. For the moment, the broadcast date has not yet been communicated by TF1. But we must expect, in fact, a possible success of this two-part TV movie. We remember that the adaptations of the Jacqueline Sauvage affair and the Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès affair had met with a strong audience.

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Video by Loïcia Fouillen