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Alessandra Sublet recently announced that she is putting away her host costume to focus on acting. Thursday June 16, a famous presenter announced that he would replace her at the head of the Grand competition for animators on TF1.

After many years spent as a television hostAlessandra Sublet wants to take a step back and try new adventures. She notably tried her hand at comedy, with the TV movie Handigang, and would definitely embark on a career as an actress. Recently, the ex-wife of Clément Miserez therefore bids farewell to iconic TF1 programschannel for which she had worked since 2015, such as It’s Canteloup, Mask Singerbut also The Great Animator Contest. She had actually taken over control of the game in 2021 after the departure of Laurence Boccolini, before presenting it for the last time on June 4, 2022.

Who will replace Alphonse and Charlie’s mother at the presentation of the Great animator contest ? Presenter well known to TF1 viewers, it is none other than Arthur who will now be in charge of animating the game. Mareva Galanter’s husband himself announced this Thursday, June 16, in an interview with the Parisian. “Alessandra Sublet has decided to take a step back from TV animation. And in our thoughts, the channel offered to do it. So I’ll be the first man in charge, and I enjoy doing it.assured Arthur, who has participated in the show three times as a candidate. “Answering is still nice since you have nothing to prepare. Putting them down is going to be different but just as fundid he declare.

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Any change in The Great Animator Contest?

Arthur, who will celebrate his thirtieth anniversary in 2023 within the TF1 group, had the Parisian that The Grand contest of animators could undergo some changes with its arrival. “It also helps to bring new faces. We are filming at the beginning of July, notably with Arnaud Ducret, Franck Dubosc… “, he said. Artists that we are used to seeing alongside the host on his show On Friday, everything is allowedso. “The programs will evolve slightly, refocus around themes, but obviously keeping the fundamentals”concluded Arthur.

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