We, modern kangaroos – fanny pack – still the coolest solution

Fanny packs become a bestseller in summer. Why? Because in the hottest season nobody wants to carry too much around with them. The coolest solution for this is the belly/belt bag. Shoulder bags, backpacks, etc. don’t exactly provide refreshment.

When it comes to fanny packs, you have to be careful about one thing: you don’t pack them too full. That not only pulls the bag down, but also us. Fanny packs need to be lightweight by nature. Then they are ideal travel companions. We don’t have to wear them like the kangaroos, we’re much more likely to be allowed to. Since the 19th century people’s clothes didn’t have pockets, people carried small sacks with them. The women on the dress (at the waist), the men on the belt. That could also explain today’s passion for the so-called fanny pack or belt bag. Eastpak Springer belt bag, 23 cm, 2 L, green (army olive) 23 cm, in 20 colors. €27.99 Click here for the belt bag. Belt bag women & men Anthracite- JOHNNY URBANIn eight colors.19.95€Click here for the fanny pack.SH leather real leather waist pack womenIn 20 colors27.95€Click here for the fanny pack.TBoonor fanny pack fashion waterproofIn three colorsThe fanny pack looks small, but offers plenty of space.11 .99€Click here for the fanny pack.modamoda de – T211 – Italian hip pack Fanny pack chest bag medium made of soft leatherIn 45 options, handmadeThe perfect companion for your vacation, walk or bike tour29.24€Click here for the fanny pack.Bum bag for women and menWith waterproof neoprene Fabric on the front and back€14.99Click here for the fanny pack.Banner bag women & men cream white – JOHNNY URBANIn seven colours, 24 x 15 x 8 cm€24.95Here you go ‘s to the fanny pack.Estwell belt bag for women, fashionableIn five colors.€11.99Here you go to the fanny pack.You can find more product recommendations in our comparison portal, current offers and discounts can be found in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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