“We must be able to progress together”: how the presidential majority is counting on LR

Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne is continuing her consultations with the new group presidents in the National Assembly. After the leaders of the majority on Monday, it is the main opposition that are received at Matignon on Tuesday: socialists, communists and environmentalists in particular. But the first to arrive was the president of the Les Républicains group, Olivier Marleix. This interview was probably the most important, because with their sixty deputies, the Republicans constitute the pivotal group, the one with whom the majority will mainly have to deal to get its laws passed.

No reversal of the situation at the end of the meeting, which lasted a little over an hour. LR remains an opposition group and will not participate in any coalition, but will discuss text by text, putting forward its proposals. “It will be more or less easy, depending on the subject, and it will ultimately depend on the executive’s ability to listen”, explains Olivier Marleix, at the microphone of Europe 1.

LR open to compromise

“There, we are really in something to invent since the executive has not listened much to Parliament, to say the least, for five years”, he continues. “I believe that today the Prime Minister is showing a real willingness to listen to us, so it’s a good omen.”

Olivier Marleix is ​​therefore rather optimistic about finding compromises, particularly on the issue of purchasing power. “We must be able to progress together,” he said, with the desire for the right to give priority to workers and not only to the increase in social minima. LR should therefore make proposals to this effect very soon. It is up to the majority to find the point of balance, if there is one, between all the amendments which will be tabled by the various opposition groups.

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