"We must bring to the child, which is a right": children

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Each year, many children with disabilities find themselves without a school, due to a lack of space or adapted structures within the establishments. Luc Gateau, President of the UNAPEI association, wished to warn about this situation.

"Axel has been on the waiting list for a place in the IME for 4 years and unfortunately still no place", says this mother of a 7-year-old boy with a disability. "Since the start of his schooling, my son has only been at school from 10:30 am to 11:50 am because he" disturbed "the other students because of his autism", confides the mother of Neyron, 4 years old.

This reality is experienced by many parents as the start of the school year approaches. For 3 years, UNAPEI has been fighting to bring inclusive education to children with disabilities so that they are no longer marginalized in schools. Unfortunately, the right to education remains a privilege for people with disabilities. "There is an inclusive transition to be made in the training of teachers but also by modifying a certain number of adaptations (canteen, sports lessons) so that the children rub shoulders with others in an appropriate manner", underlines Luc Gateau, President of the UNAPEI association.

"We must bring to the child, which is a right"

To end exclusion in schools, it is important to fully include "Children with special needs" within classes by setting up appropriate schooling. "You have to bring to the child, which is a right. Without dangling an inclusive education while the gaps are to be compensated by the family. We need complete and quality support, which remains a real effort by society. "

This follow-up must go through personalized support but also an adapted extracurricular, "To allow children to play sports on Wednesdays or go to the canteen".

Another difficulty with the coronavirus

For this new school year, wearing a mask will be mandatory to prevent the spread of the virus. An accessory difficult to bear for children but even more so for people with disabilities. “With the Covid-19, all these kids are going to have to go to school with a mask on when they can't stand it. It is one more difficulty for them to live with. "

More than ever, it is important to provide inclusive education for people with disabilities. To this day, thousands of children are still awaiting schooling and are struggling to include themselves in society.

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