“We must stop exploiting the Olympics with the sole intention of making self-employed people the “low cost” of employment”

HAS As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (JO) approach, a little music is gently being heard about the opportunity that independent work would represent to fill difficult recruitments in sectors under pressure. Really good idea or prelude to the creation of a new cheap employment regime? If the self-employed regime is truly successful, it must remain this gateway to the universal freedom of enterprise to which those who have used it since its creation aspire.

For the Union of Autoentrepreneurs (UAE), Union-Indépendants and the CFDT, autoentrepreneurs are not intended to become the “low cost” of salaried workers, any more than the variable of cheap adjustment of the CDD or the ‘interim. This would be a form of extension of the excesses brought about by Uberization and the organization of work by platforms.

While the government has already twice used the Olympic Games as a pretext to make major exceptions to the labor code, by maintaining the confusion between self-employed and salaried work, it risks opening the way to a harmful modification of the rules of the individual entrepreneurship and particularly the self-employed regime.

Rethinking so-called “tensioned” sectors

Let us say it clearly, this regime is not designed to circumvent the rules of employment. Engaging in the beginnings of a confrontation between these two forms of professional activity would be completely detrimental, both economically and socially.

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By extension, it would be a chimera to imagine that as soon as an employer or a professional branch encounters recruitment difficulties it could resort to a “subordinate” subcontractor, without complying with the labor code, which governs relationships of subordination. . Salary employment and independence complement each other, they do not replace each other!

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The so-called “tensioned” sectors must be rethought, because the slowdown in hiring reflects more the harshness of working and employment conditions, the low pay, a lack of anticipation in terms of training, in short of a lack of global attractiveness which has persisted in these sectors for decades.

Professionalize self-employed people and support them

Short-circuiting the shortage by diverting independent workers from their autonomy would only throw an entire population into a sort of precarious situation, because no one could believe that these “temporary independent workers” would be better paid and protected for these same activities than employees who cannot be found.

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