“We often do subjects on drugs, but on prostitution, very, very rarely”

Glancing at his desk, which had two very serious studies on it, Relocate by decarbonising thanks to nuclear energy and Banknotes against new currencies, we said to ourselves that we had not landed where we thought we had at all. There was this flashy gold pistol-shaped lamp base, but it was skinny.

Because the hideout of Bernard de la Villardière (“BDLV”), the presenter of the show – we dare – cult “Enquête exclusive” (500 issues since 2005) and “Taboo file” on M6, we imagined it rather between the truck driver’s cab with ole ole posters and a legends office crumbling under top secret files listing the worst criminals on the planet, or under pinned grenades brought back from all the frontlines, the name of his production company where he receives us, in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine).

In short, something of connection with this reputation of Gérard de Villiers of the press card. Because, obviously despite himself, BDLV embodies a form of journalism. Overly inclined journalism to sell to the devil of the Audimat to be quite of quality. For the best: more than a million viewers on average for investigative documentaries that are better than their caricature and make travel to very forbidden areas. And to say the least, because of subjects camouflaged under flashy headlines: “Terror in El Salvador, at the heart of the gang war”, “Sinaloa cartel, the international drug empire”, “Homeless: in the bottom -fonds of Paris ”…

Obsolete prejudices

So already, BDLV would like to clarify: “The titles, it’s not me who writes them. Then, he would like us to stop with these obsolete prejudices: “We said thatExclusive inquiry only did sex and drugs. But that was a long time ago, and it was already a total injustice! “

There, he stopped to think… Which gives us time to tell you that BDLV exudes a kind of sincerity without a very sympathetic filter which is reminiscent of the touching candor of a Jean Dujardin in OSS. For example : “I don’t know if I should say in The world that I play polo in Chantilly… ” Then he resumes: “Well… It’s true that we often do subjects on drugs, but on prostitution, very, very rarely. Moreover, I had seen the moment when we risked being singled out because we had broadcast in prime time a subject on escort girls and another on brothels in Kabul. I told the channel: “Beware, we will end up being caricatured”. The channel did not listen to me and we were treated to a lamentable press campaign.

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