“We played the guitar, calmly”, the theory of the accident confirmed by a relative

An investigation was opened for attempted intentional homicide after Kendji Girac was hospitalized, the victim of a gunshot wound to the chest on the night of Sunday April 21 to Monday April 22. A relative of the singer testifies.

The announcement had the effect of a bomb! Monday morning, BFM TV informed that the singer’s vital prognosis Kendji Girac was committed after he had been hospitalized the previous night at the Bordeaux University Hospital, victim oflive ammunition to the thorax. Very quickly, it was subsequently confirmed that the 27-year-old artist – “seriously injured” – was finally out of trouble and he was even able to answer the first questions of the rescuers who tried to understand the scene which led him straight to being taken into care. Therefore, the interpreter of Mama’s eyes had conceded that it wasa simple domestic accident occurred at Biscarrosse, “on a traveler reception area” while he had found the “community he grew up in”.

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In fact and according to the first information reported by our colleagues, Eva’s dad would have wanted handle a weapon that he himself had bought the day before at a flea market. “Everyone knows that gypsies are passionate about fishing and hunting! You don’t have to be a gun collector to go hunting! We are all poachers in the family.”explained Payou Baptiste, President of the French Union of Gypsy Associations Grand Sud, before adding: “He is someone who brings us the joy of living, who brings us a lot in relation to everything that is happening in the world of the gypsy community. Kendji is an adorable person who fights every day. days for our community” (BFM TV).

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Kendji Girac’s uncle confirms the accident theory

Several witnesses to the scene were questioned by the authorities, including the singer’s partner. Other relatives agreed to give his news in the afternoon, like one of his cousins ​​questioned by France Blue Dordogne. “We worry, we worry all the time for the family. We got some news, my daughter is with him there. I get news everywhere. He’s better, they have to operate on him, but he is out of danger”he said, wanting to be reassuring, before we finally learned in the evening that theoperation was carried out successfully.

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An uncle for his part confirmed that the artist with millions of records sold “had come to take a little time with family” (France 3 New Aquitaine), and confirms the accident theory. He played with the thing and bam. We played guitar, quietly. An accident happens anytime, at any timehe added (AFP). But this is a minority of people, because, on the whole, witnesses to the scene refuse to speak. When they actually arrived on site, the authorities encountered “to around twenty people who affirm[ai]that he doesn’t[était] nothing happened and who refuses[aient] to communicate any other information”according to BFM TV.

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An investigation into attempted voluntary homicide opened

It is in this context that the public prosecutor Olivier Janson announced theopening of an investigation “under the qualification of attempted intentional homicide, through a press release published on Monday evening. Kendji Girac must soon be auditioned, “as soon as his health permits”it was also made known.

Until then, the singer revealed in the third season of the talent show The Voice 10 years ago now can count on the support of several artists with whom he has collaborated in the past. This is the case of Claudio Capéo who recorded the duet That God forgives meerected into a tube. “I think about you a lot”, posted this one on social networks. Slimane, who triumphed in the same music show two years later, wrote the same words to him, in a story on Instagram.


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