We Probably Know ALL These Period Errors!

we-probably-know-all-these-period-errors (2)

Most women like to crawl up in bed during the period. But it does not get any better! We show you 5 mistakes you should avoid.


1. The wrong tampon size

Most of us use the same tampon size every day – unfortunately that’s the first mistake. Because not every day, the menstrual period is equally strong. It is best to use the tampon size that matches the size of your bleeding and that has the lowest possible absorbency. Only when you no longer feel the tampon, he sits right.


2. Painkillers for cramps

Of course, you may resort to analgesics during the period when cramps are on the increase. But please refrain from aspirin, as this remedy has a blood thinning effect and thus increases the bleeding.


3. Sport is murder

Most people refrain from sports during their days – and would like to crawl in bed. Nevertheless, you should think it over again, because movement loosens the tissue around the uterus. And that relieves pain.


4. Forgo iron

During the day our body loses blood – and with it also valuable iron. You notice that you are constantly feeling tired and tired. To replenish your iron store, you should rely on ferrous foods. Beef, legumes and beetroot may be on your menu.


5. Do not forget to wash your hands

It should be obvious, but many forget it before changing the tampon. Not a good idea, because many germs and bacteria settle on the hands, which can cause a vaginal infection. So do not forget to wash your hands!