We saw Mini’s first electric bike designed with Angell, which focuses on comfort and performance

The connected electric bike brand Angell and the automobile manufacturer Mini have formed a partnership which has resulted in the very first VAE branded Mini: the E-Bike 1. Frandroid was invited to its presentation to discover the ins and outs of this project which calls others.

Angell Bike, since renamed Angell Mobility, is a young brand of electric bikes founded by entrepreneur Marc Simoncini. After a first generation of VAE with numerous failuresthe company was able to correct the situation to exit a second generation much more reliable and successful.In this year 2023, Angell has formed a brand new partnership with Mini, a famous British automobile brand that came under the ownership of BMW in 2000. “ This partnership was signed a year ago “, says John Mollanger, CEO of Angell Mobility. “ It will be strategic and long-term: 5 years in total, with the deployment of several products “.

A first model that calls for others

From this alliance was born a very first electrified cycle model: the E-Bike 1, presented in the Angell premises and where Frandroidwas invited. At first glance, everything suggests that it is a simple product rebranded. That is to say a product already marketed which is just given a new name.

Mini Angell Bike
From left to right: John Mollanger (CEO of Angell Mobility), Marc Simoncini (founder of Angell Mobility) and Guillaume de Sazilly (director of Mini France) // Source: Grégoire Huvelin – Frandroid

Not quite. The pair says they have worked on several aspects of the bike to make it evolve. “ The configuration of the Mini E-Bike 1 is a hybrid between our two current models: it has the engaged position of the Rapide, but the wheels of the Cruiser to improve comfort [ndlr : les pneus sont de 27,5 pouces]  », explains John Mollanger.

The objective of launching an electric bike after a year of work alongside Angell also limits major technical upheavals, mainly due to lack of time. “We therefore worked a lot on the style, in particular with Olivier Heiler, the head of design at Mini “.

Minor technical developments

And to continue: “So we worked on the paint, which is powder paint“. This process has several advantages: it protects against scratches, contains little or no solvent and provides better durability. “We also had a graphic reflection, with two-tone vehicles inspired by the color palette of the Mini 2024“. These are the Ocean Wave Green and Vibrant Silver colors.

Here, Angell seeks to establish a significant kinship on style in relation to Mini. Above all, other more considerable improvements have been made to the bike. Already, the battery benefits from new cells supposed to improve its reliability and autonomy. Angell promises 65 km in Eco mode, 50 km in Dry mode and 35 km in Fast mode.

Source: Mini and Angell Mobility

We also integrated a new controller, developed a specific version of the mobile application and installed new protection elements», Lists the CEO of the company. The mudguards are well enveloping, the chain has a guard for protection and the upholstery (saddle and handles) is supplied by Brooks.

Our partnership with Brooks is a reminder of Mini’s roots. And it reflects a responsible commitment from the group, because the saddles and handles here are not made of leather», would like to remind John Mollanger. “Finally, specific pedals have been designed for this model: they are more urban, flatter, but non-slip“.

A limited edition

For the rest of the specifications, there are no big changes compared to the current range. The indicators and the whole connected aspect (alarm, geolocation, theft alerts) remain relevant, as does the seamless aluminum frame – it’s beautiful -, the carbon fork and the removable 2.1 kg battery.

Two versions have been designed for the occasion: the Mini E-Bike 1 S in an open frame and available in the two aforementioned colors, and the Mini E-Bike 1 M in a high frame, also launched with the two colors. The first weighs 17 kg and is aimed at people measuring between 160 and 180 cm, the second increases to 17.5 kg for cyclists from 170 to 190 cm.

Please note, however, that this version is not produced in unlimited series, but in a limited edition: 1,959 examples of each version will leave the SEB factory, the industrial partner of Angell Mobility. In reference to the year in which the very first Mini car was created.

These are numbered bikes, already available for pre-order on an exclusive website[editor’snote:availableonthislink)Itwillalsobeavailablefromseveralhand-pickedpremiumbicycleretailersinEuropeaswellasfromMiniEuropepartners[ndlr:disponiblesurcelien)Ilseraaussidisponiblechezplusieursvélocistes premiumd’EuropetriéssurlevoletainsiquechezlespartenairesdeMiniEurope», reveals John Mollanger.

First deliveries in January 2024

And to continue: “There are three main dates to remember: today (Tuesday September 19, 2023), in November when the bikes will be placed in showrooms and available for testing in dealerships, and in January for the first deliveries to client“.

How much does the Mini E-Bike 1 cost? A whopping 3490 euros, compared to 2990 euros for the Cruiser and 2490 euros for the Rapide.

Mini Angell Bike
Source: Grégoire Huvelin – Frandroid

During the event, Marc Simoncini also took the floor to announce a successfully completed fundraising round, where 20 million euros have already been raised. “In reality, the lifting was completed on July 29. This new round brings together existing and new investors“, he says. BMW did not participate in this round of financing.

What will the fundraising be used for?

The leader of this fundraising is BPI France”,accompanied by the private investor CMA CGM, who also joined the company’s capital.“The funds will be used to expand the teams, particularly at Seb. We are talking here about foundry, assembly, electronics“, which requires human labor, estimates Marc Simoncini.

The investment will be used extensively for research and development, to finance future projects. As well as preparing internationally and launching into other countries», ambitions the French entrepreneur.

Source: Mini and Angell Moblility

The agreement between Angell Mobility and Mini is not just a simpleone shotwhose goal is to create buzz. The duo will work on other electric bikes in the next five years. “Little by little, the Mini bikes will take a more marked start compared to Angell. There will even be bikes that have nothing to do with Angell», promises us John Mollanger.

Strong ambitions in Europe

As for current models, they will benefit from the passage of Angell’s maintenance and repair network, through three main channels:

  • The Angell workshop located in the Paris region and made up of qualified employees and stocks of necessary parts;
  • The Flying Guardians, a network of repairers capable of working at your home and made up of one person per region for France;
  • A fleet of multi-brand repairers, still under development.

Mini Angell Bike

The ambitions of the two brands are necessarily great. “Sales targets are non-discloseable, but the order of magnitude is 5 big figures for Europe over the next five years. Otherwise it would be a failure“, admits John Mollanger.

Our partnership is certainly global, but it seems prudent to first focus on Europe until 2025. Asia and the United States can follow, but rather after this deadline.», we conclude. Now all that’s left to do is.

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