“We talked a lot about all this”: Anne Nivat reacts to accusations of attempted sexual assault against her husband Jean-Jacques Bourdin

While her husband, journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin, is accused of attempted sexual assault, Anne Nivat, who is starting to promote her new book, reacted to the case.

This Saturday, January 15, Jean Jacques Bourdin has been accused of inappropriate behavior by a woman. The Parisian revealed in a series of articles this weekend that a complaint of attempted sexual assault had been brought against Jean-Jacques Bourdin. It would be an ex-journalist of BFMTV and former collaborator who would accuse the presenter of having tried to kiss her by force in the swimming pool of a hotel during a professional trip. Facts that go back almost ten years, when the woman was 25 years old and Jean-Jacques Bourdin 64 years old. Contacted by The Parisian, Jean-Jacques Bourdin immediately denied the facts and said he was “shocked”. This January 17 is his wife Anne Nivat who reacted to the case.

A start of promotion

The great reporter, in a relationship with the RMC journalist for almost twenty years and known for her feminist commitments, was invited this Monday to theInstant M of France Inter for the promotion of his book France from the front, sequel to his investigative book In which France we live published in 2017. While an internal investigation was opened at BFM and RMC and the question of keeping her husband on the air arises, in particular with the launch this Tuesday, January 18 of his new show France in the eyes in which he must receive the candidate Les Républicains Valérie Pécresse, Anne Nivat gave her point of view bluntly on the revelations. Faced with the journalist Sonia Devillers, she wanted to be very clear.

“Discussions that are intimate”

“How do you want me to react? I’m answering your question. Jean-Jacques and I have talked a lot about all this. These are discussions that are intimate. These are discussions that are private, so I will not reveal their content to anyone publicly to fuel the media buzz. And like you said, I pull out a book and it’s pure coincidence. I release a book about every four or five years. It’s not every five minutes. It’s a pure coincidence that the release date of my book, so the promotion of my book, that is to say a moment when I find myself in the media coincides with what happened this weekend, these articles that came out. So me I will promote myself and talk about my book.”

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