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The fixed telephone is adapting more and more to new technologies, as this handset from the Normandy start-up La Vie Mobile proves. Completely revised and programmed, here is the first landline phone that integrates the WhatsApp messaging application.

A phone connected to WhatsApp

In order for your family and friends to be able to reach you, you will first need to create a WhatsApp account via the touchscreen by linking it to your landline number. Equipped with a camera, the Visiofixe launches the video screen as soon as one of your relatives calls you by video via this app. Connected to your internet connection, the device also allows you to assign up to 8 favorite contacts to shortcut keys on the touch screen. If you have not installed a wifi network at home, it can work with a SIM card and a subscription, to make unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles.

In addition, with Bluetooth connectivity, this handset is compatible with headsets or hearing aids for the hearing impaired.

Hello Europe?

Good to know, the device can be used in Europe. If you have a wifi connection, just connect it. Otherwise, using the supplied SIM card, you will be able to make calls: the equivalent of 5 GB per month (approximately twenty hours of video calls).

Our verdict

We liked: ease of use, 12.7 cm HD touchscreen and hot keys.

We liked less: the austere design and the inability to choose a wireless model.

Visiofixe A20 phone 240 € (or 149 € + SIM card with a subscription of 19.99 € / month).

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