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we tested the star of aspiring sex toys …

The Covid-19 epidemic is exploding sales of sex toys. A link with containment? Surely! An orgasm in seconds, that's what the famous clitoral stimulator promises. Given the enthusiasm it arouses, it is better to be up to it. One of us is dedicated to trying it out. So, will the Womanizer revolutionize our confined days?

"Coronavirus epidemic boosts sales of sex toys". Surprising? Not that much. Who says days at home, also says free time …
The brand Womanizer has seen an explosion in sales worldwide since January 1 (+ 71% in Hong Kong, + 40% in France!)

When we talk about "sex toy for women", we often tend to think of a dildo or vibrator reproducing the shape of a man's sex. However, the clitoris remains the organ with the most nerve endings in women. Much more than the inside of the vagina!
Vaginal penetration and back and forth movements are not essential for feeling pleasure. And stimulation of the clitoris, if done well, can climb the curtain in no time.
And that, the creators of Womanizer are convinced of this: they are the first to have imagined a model of clitoral stimulator, considered to be THE sex toy to offer.

We present you here the object of the coveted pleasure, of which our Swiss and German neighbors are already addicted: the "aspirating" clitoral stimulator Womanizer Premium …

Now that the presentations have been made, make way for the explanations. How can a sex toy guarantee orgasm, all without touching you? Just place the clitoral stimulator around the glans of the clitoris, aspirations and vibrating waves will do the rest.
The Womanizer is therefore a pressure wave vibrator, also called clitoral aspirator. No worries, nothing to do with the home appliance, it has nothing but the name!
Its operation is simple: the silicone tip emits powerful and vibrating waves around the glans of the clitoris, and stimulates the thousands of nerve endings located there (8000, against 4000 for the penis of the man, sorry man)

After testing the Satysfier and Lelo Sona models, (link to our full review) we had to challenge them with the star of the clitoral stimulators. When you love, you don't count, do you?

The Womanizer Premium,€ 189.00
Perfect size, soft touch, and total silence of vibrations, blue version!

The Womanizer: orgasm machine? Our opinion

It is not for nothing that we nicknamed this object of pleasure, the "orgasm machine", since all the users claim to climb the curtain very quickly, for little knowing how to handle the object with tact.
On Amazon, the Womanizer is rated 4.4 / 5 and received nearly 200 complimentary reviews.
Reading the comments, it seems that most of the users had difficulty reaching an orgasm during their intercourse, something resolved with this toy. He seems to be unanimous and offers intense orgasms quickly.
Our tester confirms "it completely surrounds the clitoris, it is so intense that it is almost difficult to leave it for too long, otherwise the pleasure will become too powerful".

The Womanizer completely surrounds the clitoris, it is so intense that it is almost difficult to leave it for too long, otherwise the pleasure will become too powerful

Note that this model Womanizer, rechargeable by USB port, promises four hours of autonomy … We let you count the orgasms.
On the cleaning side, it is facilitated by its removable medical silicone suction head. A shot of spray for sex toy or rinse with soap and water. And since it is waterproof, the relaxing baths and showers will be all the more pleasant … (yes, we also tried!)

Where to find the Womanizer Premium "orgasm machine"?

We were not going to sell you the dream without revealing where to find it, available in several colors:

Womanizer Premium, powerful and silent – € 189.00 on Amazon

Our sensations …

"The design is very girly and the touch, soft and delicate. We feel that it is of good quality. We have a good grip thanks to the light weight of the sex toy. The noise is very discreet. Since it has several speeds, this allows you to start slowly and gradually increase. I discovered new sensations, the vibrations are very pleasant, apart from a little surprising tickling from time to time. I confirm that you reach orgasm very quickly … You can use it solo or even in pairs, for stimulation of the clitoris during penetration. "

Besides the Womanizer Premium, there are other models of stimulators from the same brand, which are cheaper and just as effective. The Womanizer brand is the most recognized, and it's a safe bet if you don't want to make a mistake. It's up to you to choose from their different models …

Womanizer Classic 8 waterproof and silent vibration modes, € 129.00

Womanizer Liberty, 6 speeds, travel shell and silk sachet, € 99.00

Womanizer Starlet, 4 speed and compact, € 69.00

Womanizer Plus Size, 12 ultra-quiet intensities and light effects, € 189.00

Womanizer Pro 40, 6 speeds and 3 tips of different sizes, € 79.00

Womanizer Pro W500, 12 speed and Swarovski diamond, € 149.00

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