“We want to ban more”: Berlin is planning restrictions on unvaccinated people

“We want to ban more”
Berlin plans restrictions on unvaccinated people

The Berlin Senate would like to close all clubs in the capital today. While the state government is still waiting for the results of the federal-state consultations, the health senator is already announcing a tightening of the corona rules for events and private meetings.

In view of the nationwide tense Corona situation, the Berlin Senate has agreed on contact restrictions and stricter regulations for events. “We want to ban more,” said Health Senator Dilek Kalayci. However, the new measures are only to be adopted after the federal-state consultations, when the necessary legal requirements for tightening them have been created.

According to the information, the Senate agreed, among other things, to reintroduce contact restrictions in the private sector. With the new regulation, only members of one household should be able to meet with two members of another household in the future. Those who are fully vaccinated should not be counted. The Senator considers contact restrictions for vaccinated people who have not yet received a booster vaccination to be “correct”, but there is currently no legal basis for this.

Furthermore, the maximum number of visitors for events is to be significantly reduced again. The Senate wants only 1000 people to take part in events outdoors, and only 200 people indoors. If there are appropriate hygiene concepts, for example at sports and cultural events, exceptions are also possible. In the interior, however, the number of spectators is limited to a maximum of 2,500 people, and in the open air, a maximum of 5,000 people are allowed to take part. “With this decision, there would no longer be full stadiums and the like,” said Kalayci.

The Senate also wants to tighten the rules for Christmas markets. On the one hand, the markets are to take place exclusively under 2G conditions. On the other hand, only fenced-in markets should then take place, where admission and compliance with the rules can be controlled.

The Senate also sees a clear need for action in clubs and bars. “We’d like to close the clubs today,” said Kalayci. The same applies to similar institutions. However, a closure is currently not legally possible. Here, too, the Senate has “high hopes” for the federal and state switching conference on Tuesday. A special meeting of the Senate to resolve the planned regulations is planned for this week.

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