“We were a subcategory”: Anne Roumanoff denounces sexism in the world of humor: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Its success has only grown over the years… Revealed in 1987 in the show The Classpresented by Guy Lux, Anne Roumanoff was featured in around fifteen shows. If the comedian has managed to find a place in the hearts of the French, she says she had to fight to get where she is today. Friday February 23, 2024, in the columns of Tele-Leisureshe indeed confided: “When I started in comedy, we were made to feel that we, women, were a subcategory of the genre. At festivals, there was only one woman, as if it was necessary ‘the woman on duty’. People called me ‘My little Anne’ when I’m not even that. Do you say ‘My little one’ to a guy? No !before deploring: “This paternalism has not led to problematic situations for me, but it is a combination of things: when you are a woman, you have to fight even more, prove yourself more, especially when you want to access positions of responsibility”.

Anne Roumanoff: “Women of my generation have suffered a lot”

If for many years, the 58-year-old comedian was the victim of sexism, she believes that things are changing little by little. “It lasted for many years, but, Thank goodness I no longer get asked the question: ‘Is there female humor?’ It makes me want to bite! You never ask a man if there is such a thing as masculine humor.”, she assured. Today, women’s voices are being freed, which Anne Roumanoff greatly appreciates. “Women of my generation have suffered a lot of things. Not necessarily attacks, but stares, condescension. May today, women be free, strong, independent, who take charge and don’t let anything slip by, I think it’s fantastic progress.”, she said. If she welcomes these advances, the one who was frustrated at the beginning felt that there was still “a lot to do”. And for good reason, according to her, we would still be “far from the mark”.

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