“We will manage to get through the winter” 2023-2024, predicts the CEO of Engie

If Catherine MacGregor wants to be reassuring, she does not however exclude tensions on the energy system.

We were able to spend this winter in satisfactory conditions“, indicated this Friday morning on Radio Classique the boss of Engie, Catherine MacGregor, while recognizing “that we were also helped a little by the climate“. “It’s true that in February 2022, we were saying that we weren’t going to make it through the winter, but we all took a certain number of actions, both on security of supply but also on demand. with calls for sobriety“, she adds.

According to the group’s predictions,we will once again succeed in getting through the next winter“, from 2023 to 2024. But caution remains in order for the CEO: “This does not mean that we should relax our efforts because Russian volumes have indeed been removed from world gas production, so we will have to continue to be careful.“.

Asked about a potential restart of China in the production of electricity, Catherine MacGregor underlines that “last year Chinese demand was relatively weak, if it picks up again, it could add tension to the tension“.

Whatever the scenario,the energy system will remain tense“, she warns, “expect more volatility“. According to the woman who has been at the head of Engie since October 2020, it is essential “not to give up on collective sobriety effortsalready begun by businesses and consumers.

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