We won’t see the Daleks in Doctor Who for a long time

The Daleks are a cult alien race in Doctor Who. But, in the new version of the series, we will not see them during this season. A rarity in the history of Doctor Who.

The mythology of Doctor Who comes with its own codes, but also its recurring creatures. Among them, we find the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels and the Daleks. These aliens are recurring enemies that each Doctor almost always faces. We know that, even if Doctor Who restarts in season 1, it is in exact continuity with everything that happened before.

So which aliens will we see? The Daleks seem to be almost an obligatory step. However, this will not be the case. These cult enemies are not part of showrunner Russell T. Davies’ plan.

No Daleks facing Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor?

For the showrunner, it is necessary to do “ a big break » in the appearance of the Daleks in Doctor Who. According to Ncuti Gatwa, it would even be envisaged that his 15th Doctor would never meet these aliens determined to assimilate the entire Universe.

“What’s the point of me being the Doctor if I can’t take on a Dalek?” »

Ncuti Gatwa

The actor strongly opposed this idea during an interview. “ I heard that I will never have to face a Dalek. I would be so angry if that were the case! When I’m done with Doctor Who, I better have faced a Dalek. What’s the point of me being the Doctor if I can’t take on a Dalek? »

The Daleks in Doctor Who.  // Source: BBC
The Daleks in Doctor Who. // Source: BBC

It must be remembered that, even more in the United Kingdom than elsewhere, Doctor Who is a cultural institution. Certain enemies, like the Daleks and their famous “ Exterminate ”, which have been there since the beginning, are part of the picture.

It is not impossible that the team of the series lies to us to keep the surprise. But the idea still remains credible given the ambitions of this third series Doctor Who : start again on new bases to more easily pick up new audiences. So, we already know that the Doctor will have to face a whole new threat during this season.


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