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“Weapons of the Animals” is an Arte TV show that deals with animal weapons. With us you can find out the broadcast dates and stream availability.

The 3sat documentation “Weapons of the Animals” deals in three parts with the various weapons of the animals that have developed in the course of evolution.

So that you don’t miss anything, we have compiled an overview of the broadcast dates. Have a look at the online media library if you missed an episode.

Weapons of the animals

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Broadcast dates and broadcast times of “Waffen der Tiere”

Currently be no new episodes of weapons of animals broadcast. However, you can watch reruns on TV. In principle, these run on 3sat, but we also show you the broadcast dates of other stations here.



at the 01/06/2022 around 03:35 Clock

Evolution has triggered an arms race in the animal world. Each animal has its own weapons. Whether in the jungle, prairie or ocean – animals fight for survival with claws, poison and intelligence.

The tropical rainforest is home to around two thirds of all animal and plant species worldwide. It is a complex hunting ground where crocodiles, jaguars and insects use deadly weapons. with spines, antlers and teeth they fight for prey and mating rights.

The jaguar has the strongest bite of all big cats and regularly hunts reptiles. He hunts alone and can even bite through turtle shells. Otters, on the other hand, hunt their prey together. In a coordinated manner, they drive schools of fish together and then into a corner so that the prey can no longer escape. Unnoticed by the large predators, the Portia spider ambushes its prey. She eats other spiders. To do this, it jumps, disguises itself or uses its extraordinary intelligence to analyze the behavior of its prey.

The first part of the three-part series “Weapons of the Animals” shows what attack and defense mechanisms jungle animals are equipped with and how they use them in their struggle for survival.

2022-01-06T03: 35 2022-01-06T04: 15 3 sat


Open terrain

at the 01/06/2022 around 04:15 Clock

It is difficult for predators on the plains and prairies of the earth: they can see their prey coming from afar. That requires special survival techniques.

From the African savannah to the American prairie, animals come together in herds to find shelter. Cheetahs have a particularly difficult time. They are the fastest land animals in the world, but they cannot do anything against female lions.

They regularly have to surrender their prey to the lions, and every second cheetah cub is killed by lionesses. In North America, the coyote has adapted to the conditions and, with its highly sensitive hearing, can still find prey even under a meter-high blanket of snow.

But animals also use their weapons against each other within herds. Male bison, for example, fight to the point of exhaustion for the right to mate with the females. At the end of the rutting season, some weakened animals can no longer keep up with the herd and are killed by much smaller predators.

The second episode of the three-part series “Weapons of the Animals” takes the audience on a journey through the levels of this world, in which predatory and prey animals fight strategically and well equipped for their survival.

2022-01-06T04: 15 2022-01-06T05: 00 3 sat


Under water

at the 01/06/2022 around 05:00 Clock

Mighty predators roam the sea: the great white shark, stingrays and sea lions. The little mantis shrimp deal the hardest blow.

In the oceans of this world, living beings are armed with or to the teeth. The most popular weapon: poison. Whether a Portuguese galley or a poisonous snail – your prey has no chance when it comes into contact with their poison.

The most successful hunters of the oceans are also the most intelligent. Dolphins have large brains and together corner their prey. The great white shark is the only living creature besides humans that makes use of the position of the sun: it hunts with sunshine on its back. His blinded prey therefore does not see him coming.

Camouflage also plays a role underwater. An octopus adapts to its surroundings in terms of shape and color with a delay of seconds and thus becomes invisible. The false cleaner wrasse pretends to be a cleaner and tears pieces of skin and fins out of the body of unsuspecting fish.

In the third episode of the three-part series “Weapons of the Animals”, viewers learn everything about the weapons used by sea predators and the creative tactics to ward off their prey.

2022-01-06T05: 00 2022-01-06T05: 45 3 sat

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