WearOS will finally allow left-handed people to use their watch in the best possible way

Stephane Ficca

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January 12, 2022 at 2:41 p.m.


Google I/O 2021 Wear OS © Google


It took a few years, but WearOS
has finally decided to also address left-handers.

A new feature which should however be reserved for new models to come.

WearOS soon also for left-handers?

It’s a fact, smartwatches are generally designed for right-handers, when it comes to the location of the buttons. In order to solve the problem, Google is working on a “left-handed mode” which will allow the display to rotate 180°.

In this way, you can wear your watch on the right wrist as on the left wrist, while maintaining perfectly identical comfort of use. According to the author of this discovery, Mishaal Rahman, this new functionality will however be reserved for the new WearOS watches to come.

Obviously, if this software feature is welcome, it can nevertheless cause purely material problems on certain watches, which have, for example, inscriptions on the case. Still, from a strictly software point of view, this will allow users to position their tocante more freely, with buttons and crowns oriented as they wish on the hand or arm side.

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