Weather: gusts of wind, intense rain and heavy snow, a “hectic” weekend in perspective: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Remember to go out with your umbrella! After a return to spring temperatures, heavy rain is expected during the night of Saturday February 24 to Sunday February 25, 2024. In its weekly bulletin, Météo-France indicated: “Conditions will remain generally depressed and unstable this weekend over Western Europe. An episode of gale to storm cannot be ruled out, particularly on Sunday over the South-West regions. In any case , precipitation is expected to be frequent, with most likely the passage of a new rainy and windy wave between Saturday and Sunday over the country. In mid-mountains, it will sometimes snow heavily. Furthermore, from Friday February 23, 2024, the French can expect showers sometimes delivering sleet, particularly from the Landes to the west of the Pyrenees.

Rainy waves “never ending”

According to La Chaîne Météo, gusts of between 80 and 100 km/h are expected. “In the mountains, heavy snowfall is expected above 1,200 meters, especially in the Pyrenees, which will experience a stormy weekend. Temperatures in the morning will be 3 to 8°C for minimums. In the afternoon, we expect 8 to 12°C from north to south for the maximum, it is specified. Guillaume Séchet, forecaster at Météo-Villes, explains: “The fact that the jet stream flies over the country poses a risk of storm over France. There may be depressions forming on its trajectory and they can deepen all at once and be propelled, which causes a huge draft”. If we can expect a return of rain, as the country already experienced between October and January, the forecaster estimates: “We may not be in as long an episode as during this period, but it will be the same”. However, he warns against “a parade of ocean disturbances” who could bring “endless rainy waves”. And if you prefer to stay warm during this hectic weekend, discover our 10 DIYs to try to transform your room into a real cozy nest!

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