Weather storms: seven departments on orange alert

Météo France has placed seven departments on orange vigilance for thunderstorms this Friday.

The departments concerned are as follows: Tarn, Aveyron, Ardèche, Drôme, Isère, Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

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This new episode of sometimes violent storms will start on the Tarn and the Aveyron in the morning then head towards the Savoys by this afternoon.

Storms may be locally violent, they may be accompanied by hailstorms, gusts of wind of around 70 to 90 km/h, or even very locally around 100 km/h or more, heavy rains, of the order of 15 to 30 mm in a short time, or even 30 to 50 mm very occasionally throughout the episode, of strong electrical activity.

Since Monday already, violent storms accompanied by hail have caused significant material damage in several departments of the center-east, in particular in Saône-et-Loire, in Nièvre or in Allier, as well as in the South-West, where vineyards were affected.

This stormy episode comes after an exceptionally early heat wave that hit the whole country

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