Weather: why temperatures will drop from early December

At the end of the week, temperatures should even be lower than normal seasons without being able to speak of “cold wave”.

While winter was long in coming this year, temperatures will start to fall from early December. However, this decrease will be “progressive and moderate”, indicates the Weather Channel*. Temperatures should lose 2 ° at 5 ° C by Friday and are thus below seasonal normal of approximately 2 ° C. The cause ? An anticyclone located in Scandinavia.

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A cold snap” ?

“At that time of year, early December, average maximum temperatures are included from 7 ° to 14 ° C from north to south, which is the case at the start of the week. But with the arrival of the continental air, these values ​​will lose 2 ° at 5 ° C by Friday ”, specifies the weather forecast organization. However, this drop will be followed by a “Partial redoux” On the south of France next Sunday and next Monday. Cold air should conversely stay northeast. “This air mass conflict will be accompanied by a rainy episode marked in the Mediterranean, causing snow at medium altitude on our mountains”specifies the weather channel again.

December should thus reconnect with seasonal temperatures. Handcrafts located between the Arctic and Scandinavia should however strengthen and contribute to what “Polar air” Dives on France between December 6 and 12. If this evolution is confirmed, temperatures could then drop more and find themselves at 3 ° C under season. This episode could also be accompanied by snowfall in the plain. Temperatures should then warm up. “In total, it is possible that this month ends slightly under season medium, which has not happened since December 2017, with an anomaly of -0.2 ° C”specifies the weather channel which however refuses to speak of “cold wave”.

Cold episodes are, in fact, characterized by “An intense and extended cold period, at least 3 days”. The national thermal index (temperatures on average in 30 French cities) must also be less than 0.9 ° C during these three days and that the national average temperature descends under -2 ° C for at least a day. According to the weather channel, this should not be the case for this month of December.

*The weather channel is a property of the Figaro group.

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