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Turbulent weather with hurricane gusts and lots of fresh snow in the mountains awaits us from Monday to Wednesday. In the lowlands there could also be gusts of wind in places and at times the snow line drops down to low altitudes.


The weak front on Sunday brings little snow. Large amounts of fresh snow will accumulate in the Alps in the new week.

SRF Weather

At the beginning of the sports holidays in some cantons there is a change in the weather: we can look forward to a good portion of fresh snow on the northern flank of the Alps. In addition to ski equipment, families should also pack Jass and Uno cards: In the first half of the week, mountain railways could have to close down at least part of their operations due to the strong wind.

Hurricane gusts at altitude

From Monday to Wednesday we are in a strong north-west current. On the peaks, the wind peaks are between 100 and 140 km/h locally. Above 117 km/h, hurricane strength is spoken of.

gusts of wind in the lowlands

Even in the lowlands, the westerly wind freshens up at times, and gusts of wind are possible in exposed locations. Wind peaks are between 50 and 80 km/h. The wind reaches a first maximum on Monday and a second maximum on Wednesday night.

north foehn in the south

The epic north foehn situation goes into the next round. Storm gusts are expected again on the southern slope of the Alps on Sunday. Another wind maximum is forecast for Tuesday.

amounts of fresh snow

By Wednesday evening, 40 to 80 cm of fresh snow is expected, especially in the central and eastern Alps. Locally even up to 100 cm are possible. This should then also increase the avalanche danger – the avalanche bulletin is below SLF to find. Snowfall is also occasionally in sight in the lowlands, especially from Monday afternoon to Tuesday.

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