Web3 Games: Stardust teams up with the Sui blockchain

Level 1 blockchain and smart contracts platform, Sui has as contributor Mysten Labs which works for a more decentralized internet and embodied by the Web3. THE video game there is plenty of room for it.

This ambition falls within the scope of Stardust whose mission is to democratize blockchain technology for video game developers and players. Stardust – which does not have its own blockchain – presents itself as a provider of Web3 gaming infrastructure and to attract new users.

An announcement made today concerns the integration of Stardust with Sui and its blockchain. The stated desire is to simplify the lives of developers in terms of technical barriers, so that they can better concentrate on creating games.

Less friction for developers

In practice, video game developers will be able to launch their projects directly on the Sui platform, using Stardust infrastructure tools. As part of the partnership, Stardust will further integrate Sui into its Wallets-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform for digital wallets with Web3 projects.

With an economy built on blockchain technology, the announcement touches on asset ownership and trading in Web3 games.

Sardust’s choice of the Sui blockchain was driven by its scalability and ability to handle a large number of transactions at low fees.

Enthusiasm required for Web3 games

This is a big step forward, not only for Stardust developers, but also for the broader adoption and growth of Web3 games “, says Canaan Linder, founder and boss of Stardust.

Our partnership with Stardust will allow popular and newly created games to integrate into the Sui ecosystemwhich will make the process easier for developers and give players a much more complete experience “adds Evan Cheng, co-founder and boss of Mysten Labs.

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