Wedding hairstyles of the stars: inspirations for the most beautiful bridal styles

Wedding Hairstyles: Big Day – Big Hair

In addition to the wedding dress, the hairstyle is definitely the most important thing for perfect bridal styling. The rest of the wedding look can be so beautiful: If a woman does not feel comfortable with her hair, it can have a huge impact on the joy on this important day. It doesn’t have to be! We have put together the best tips to help you find your perfect wedding hairstyle.

What must be considered when choosing wedding hairstyles?

Hairstyling considerations should begin when it is clear which dress you will be wearing. Because the hairstyle must of course match the wedding dress. For example, classic updos such as a bun, a “perfectly imperfectly styled” messy bun or a chignon go best with a modern, simple dress. A simple updo works best with a classic dress with lots of lace, which lets the dress take precedence. However, many brides also opt for a playful braided hairstyle to underline the romantic look.

Updo hairstyles and braided hairstyles also have the advantage over open, half-open hair or even curls that they are easier to fix and therefore last longer. They attach so well with sprays, bobby pins, and clips that they can withstand hundreds of hugs and wild dance routines.

With hair accessories or “pure”?

In addition, the bride has to decide: Would she like her wedding hairstyle “pure” or would she prefer a styling in which extras have been incorporated – such as a tiara (with Princess Sofia), a veil (with Geri Halliwell) or eye-catching hair clips or others Hair accessories? These extras, when combined correctly with the dress, can add to the glamor factor, as with actress Blake Lively (see photo).

How does the preparation for a wedding hairstyle look like?

Very, very important: Arrange a trial appointment at your trusted hairdresser in good time! He can tell you exactly which wedding hairstyle suits you and your dress best. You should definitely bring the wedding dress or at least a good photo of the outfit to the appointment. There are also hairdressers who come to your home for this.

And another good tip: have the hairstyle test done in one morning. Then you can test in the further course of the day how durable the bridal hairstyle is and whether you feel comfortable with it all day.

How much do wedding hairstyles cost at the hairdresser?

As with everything, there are huge price differences here too. Simply pinning your hair up (without a trial tube) is available from some hairdressers for as little as 30 euros. But if you want a real wedding hairstyle with trial pieces, you have to reckon with a price of around 90 euros. Of course there are many hairdressers who take significantly more. The price differences are generally very large here. If the hairdresser comes home to the bride on the day of the wedding, the service is understandably more expensive.

Make bridal hairstyles yourself?

If you are a little practiced, you can do your own bridal hairstyle. There are a number of tutorials on the Internet for this, in which step-by-step instructions explain how you can imitate great hairstyles. Definitely try it out! Here it is advisable to seek help from a friend on the big day.

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