Wednesday on Netflix: cello, fencing… Did Jenna Ortega need a double?

Playing Wednesday Addams hasn’t been easy for Jenna Ortega. The actress has long prepared to be as credible as possible.

In its Netflix series, Wednesday Addams is quite different from other adaptations released previously. She is not only a morbid teenager, she is also an outstanding investigator, she knows how to fight, speak different languages, play the cello and even practice fencing.

To embody her role in the best possible way, Jenna Ortega underwent a long preparation over the eight months of filming in Romania. She absolutely wanted to do everything herself, without visual effects and without the help of a stunt double.

In the series, the teenager’s favorite instrument is undoubtedly the cello. She plays Vivaldi and even takes the tube Paint It Black of the Rolling Stones. The American actress took her first lessons two months before the start of filming with a specific rhythm: twice a week. For the media WIREDJenna Ortega even expresses her desire to continue playing the cello in her personal life.

The first episode contains a fencing scene and again the star of Scream didn’t want a liner to replace her under the mask. After each day of filming, she went to her hour-long practices to perfect her technique. This is not the only discipline she had to learn since she also tried archery and canoeing for the needs of episode 2.


Jenna Ortega during one of her fencing practices for “Wednesday”.

If Jenna Ortega does not need professionals for her stunts, she is also able to choreograph her own dances, like the one in episode 4 – a sequence that does not go unnoticed. For AlloCiné, she explains that she was inspired by archive videos from the eighties in which young goths have fun in a nightclub, all under the absolute confidence of Tim Burton.

Wednesday is available on Netflix.

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