Weekend horoscope: 3 zodiac signs that can look forward to pure romance

weekend horoscope
3 zodiac signs that can look forward to pure romance

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Horoscope: Spring has hardly arrived when the butterflies start fluttering again. You can read here which signs of the zodiac will be very romantic at the weekend.

With the rising temperatures, the love barometer also rises and feelings ride a roller coaster. New, fresh energy not only inspires singles, but also allows relationships to blossom again. While some should definitely go out at the weekend and indulge in life, couples can look forward to romantic hours for two. The universe has a lot of love in store for these three zodiac signs in particular.


Bulls can look forward to a weekend full of flights of fancy. While couples intensify their feelings for each other again, singles experience exciting adventures and hot flirts. Venus lets them shine, which magically attracts others. They come alive, are in a good mood and simply have more confidence. And confidence is known to be sexy. No wonder that the weekend promises romantic hours, seasoned with a good pinch of eroticism.


Sensitive Cancers also benefit from the romantic impulses that Venus sends at the weekend. This is how they spoil their partners and show themselves to be tender and sensitive. Time together, for example at a romantic dinner, brings them closer together again and gives space for deep conversations. This is not only good for the partner, but also for the relationship between the two. But not only couples, but also singles are fully on the romance course. New, potential relationship people could enter your life. The gut feeling shows here directly whether this or that one fits. Please listen carefully.


Things are going really smoothly with the scales. The partnership is more than relaxed and harmonious, which allows romantic feelings to flare up again and is refined with a certain erotic crackle, so that nothing stands in the way of a weekend in bed. But singles can also look forward to romantic vibes thanks to their radiant charisma: When flirting, they seize every opportunity for flirty moments and their initiative is rewarded.

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