Weekend horoscope from March 22nd: Three zodiac signs are now gaining significant insights

Weekend horoscope from March 22nd
Three zodiac signs are now gaining significant insights

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A lot has happened in the universe over the last few days. The zodiac signs also feel this very clearly. You can find out who should prepare for drastic findings here.

This week was energetically tough. With the equinox on March 20th, not only does spring begin, but it also begins at the same time as planetary spring New Year also the solar year and the Aries season.

All zodiac signs can currently look forward to fresh energies, new power and strength. A time of departures and new beginnings begins now. What do you want to change? What plans are looking forward to being implemented? And what are your visions that you would like to make come true? Now is a wonderful time, because the sun in fiery Aries ushers in a time of growth and energy and supports you in tackling your goals with self-determination. For some of us, the weekend is all about new beginnings and new insights – especially for these three zodiac signs.

3 zodiac signs gain this weekend from March 22nd. profound insights


For Taurus, the weekend is all about making important decisions. Use the energies and think about which areas of your life you would like to see changes in, what needs to be questioned and resolved. Maybe you’ve been putting off a topic for a while? Then the universe will now help you find the right decision. The weekend may also hold some coincidences and encounters that will show you the way even more clearly.


The sun in its own sign awakens Aries from hibernation. You start the weekend full of energy and can hardly be stopped. You are ready to turn your life around, experience new things, clear out and pave the way for the wishes and ideas that will move you forward and have been lying dormant within you for some time. It is not difficult for you to make decisive decisions that are realistic and easy to implement. You’re not a dreamer, but you still dare to reach for the stars.


Have you wanted to change things for a long time, but haven’t had the courage yet? Or you just didn’t feel ready for it yet? With the sun in Aries, the universe is now giving Leo the support he needs to address and push forward desires and changes. And even if the unknown often scares us, Leos can look to the future with confidence, because in the end your courage will pay off. So whatever it is that’s been bothering you for a while, whether it’s a job change or perhaps a much more private topic, you’re allowed to speak up from March 22nd. Look forward to the necessary impulses that will point you in the right direction.


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