Weekly horoscope from May 21st: 3 zodiac signs have particularly exciting opportunities

Weekly horoscope from May 21st
3 zodiac signs offer particularly exciting opportunities

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This week we’re also taking a look at the stars. What the planetary constellations will tell us from May 21st and which zodiac signs could experience one or two surprises, you can read here.

A new week awaits us, as well as exciting planetary constellations. For example, we can look forward to the full moon in Sagittarius next Thursday. But the other planets have also aligned and are bidding for three in particular Zodiac signs have the opportunity to bring variety into their lives.

3 zodiac signs are the top performers of the week


New opportunities for love will open up for Gemini in the coming week. If things haven’t been going so well in the last few weeks, your relationship is finally getting a new lease of life. Venus and Pluto take care of that. But Mars has also positioned itself well and will help you find new opportunities on another level. Be it at work or in private matters, wherever persuasion needs to be done, you are now in the lead. Your ideas are well received, you are stubborn and courageous, and this opens up opportunities that could give your life a surprising direction. And you, typical Gemini, of course accept it gratefully.


Finally dare to do something? Yes! Now is your moment to make bold decisions and bring variety into your life. The Sun and Pluto give you the self-confidence and sovereignty to shed old things and live the life you want to build for yourself. Mars strengthens your stamina. This is how you follow your path unwaveringly and don’t let yourself be distracted from your goals. Now is the time for the things that really matter to you.


Have you actually been dreaming of breaking out of your routine and leaving boredom behind you for a long time? Then you can start now. The universe is now giving you the little push it still needs to leave the familiar waters. This may even scare you a little, but Mercury and Uranus encourage you to discover new sides of yourself and move decisively towards the unknown. This may feel unusual, but in the end it will be worth taking advantage of this opportunity.


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