Weekly horoscope from October 2nd, 2023: The best week awaits three zodiac signs

Lucky people of the week
According to the horoscope, three zodiac signs await from October 2nd. the best week

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And we’re already starting October… We’ll reveal here which zodiac signs can look forward to a cosmic flight of fancy.

On Monday, October 2nd. We’re starting the first week of October and slowly we’re feeling autumn more and more clearly. The planetary constellations also change in the universe and influence it Zodiac sign. But which three zodiac signs have the stars aligned particularly well?

Three zodiac signs are allowed to meet from October 2nd. look forward to a particularly happy week


Wow, the universe has some real fireworks in store for Leo in the coming week. The Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury are at your side and personally take care of your well-being. The sun gives you confidence and a sunny disposition, Mercury strengthens your communication skills and Mars your stamina. This will be very beneficial for you when it comes to achieving your goals. On top of that, love goddess Venus gives you an irresistible aura. If that’s not a success package that the universe has put together for you. Whether in love or at work, all the stars are aligned for success in the coming week.


Virgos experience the week from October 2nd. a real self-confidence boost. Strengthened by Mercury, Neptune and Pluto, you now know exactly what you want and won’t let critical voices talk you into it. Quite the opposite: you successfully push through issues that are close to your heart without being deterred by other people’s doubts. You will receive support primarily from Mercury. How else could it be? With your ruling planet in your own sign, no one can fool you, on the contrary, others can notice who is sailing on the path to success in the coming week.


Time to shine, dear Libra – a successful week awaits you. From October 2nd things are going really smoothly and you can shine on all levels. In the job with your expertise, your commitment, your willingness to really give it your all, but also as a team player and with your approachable nature. You are very valued and know your worth. Now is a good time to push forward with new projects, present ideas and consolidate your own position. But you feel safe and comfortable not only at work, but also in love. Conflicts can be quickly resolved and you enjoy the time with your loved ones all the more. You can use your power to tear up trees, use it and treat yourself to a bit of adventure in your free time.


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