Weekly horoscope from September 25th: Three zodiac signs now have the best week

Weekly horoscope from September 25th, 2023
Three zodiac signs are now truly lucky

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On September 25th The first week of Libra season begins. You can read here which zodiac signs are particularly favorable for these days according to the horoscope.

At the weekend – more precisely on September 23rd. – the sun changes from the down-to-earth Virgo to the beautiful Libra and this begins on Monday, September 25th. not only the first week in the new sign, but also autumn with the equinox. For the According to the zodiac sign, this means an energetic change that we all feel.

In addition, the moon will be in its final cycle phase again next week: the waxing crescent will peak on September 29th. in the full moon in Aries.

According to the horoscope, some zodiac signs particularly benefit from the cosmic changes and can look forward to a happy and successful week.

Three zodiac signs have as of September 25th. the best week


New week, new luck: In the week of September 25th. Cancers come a lot closer to their goals. Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn have combined their forces and are supporting you cosmically with an extra portion of motivation, drive and power to finally turn your plans into reality. You appear self-confident, know what you can do and confidently advocate for your interests. The stars provide you with courage and energy and you are open to changes, new impulses and challenges. You infect everyone around you with your joy of life. If these are not the best signs for a perfect start to autumn!


The stars love Aries in the coming week. You are an absolute lucky child and can let yourself be pampered by the sun, Mars and Venus. All signs point to enjoyment, joy and lightness. You will have very special strength on September 29th. The full moon in your own sign, whose energy gives you wings at the end of the week, but also brings your profound side to the surface. There may also be something happening in love, be prepared for a surprise.


Aquarians can look forward to a favorable constellation in the universe. The sun, Venus, Mars and the full moon protect and protect you now. You start the new week with good ideas, motivated and creative. That could definitely pay off in your job. You spend your free time actively. You are confident, want to go out, meet people and experience new things. Even the hustle and bustle can’t unsettle you at the moment. Things are just going really smoothly.

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