Weidel takes part in the corona demo: AfD wants to go to court against mandatory vaccination

Weidel takes part in the corona demo
AfD wants to take to court against compulsory vaccination

Compulsory vaccination for geriatric carers is a done deal. Now the AfD is announcing legal resistance. For the increasingly radical Corona demonstrations, parliamentary group leader Weidel finds words of praise and announces her participation in Nuremberg. Brandenburg and Hamburg tighten the rules.

The AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag has announced legal steps against the facility-related vaccination requirement decided by the Bundestag. The entire law is unconstitutional and the parliamentary group will attack it accordingly, said co-parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel before a parliamentary group meeting in Berlin. The compulsory vaccination is an interference with the physical integrity guaranteed by the Basic Law and will exacerbate the care emergency. “We also believe that this is an anticipation of the general compulsory vaccination and we will take action against this not only politically, but also legally as a parliamentary group.”

Weidel and her co-chairman Tino Chrupalla want to take part in a demonstration in Nuremberg on Sunday afternoon, as both confirmed. The Bavarian AfD member of the Bundestag Stephan Protschka had announced a “mass rally” in the city on Twitter. Weidel said that the right to demonstrate and the right to freedom of expression were exercised. “We are making policies against this entire vaccination policy, which we consider fundamentally wrong. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to speak about it?” Chrupalla said he could only encourage any citizen who was not satisfied with the current policy to use the right to demonstrate and take to the streets.

Brandenburg limits corona demos

Meanwhile, several federal states tightened the corona rules for demonstrations. Because of the corona infection, the Brandenburg state government banned major events with more than a thousand participants. From Wednesday, only a maximum of a thousand people will be allowed to take part in meetings and outdoor demonstrations, as the state chancellery announced in Potsdam in the afternoon. Anyone who violates the mask requirement during protests must also be prepared for a fine of between one hundred and 500 euros.

With a view to the so-called walks against Corona measures, the Social Democratic Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke asked the Brandenburgers to “think carefully about who they would go out on the street with”. “It is justified and legitimate to criticize,” said Woidke after the cabinet meeting. Those responsible are also likely to be criticized. The threat to local politicians, vaccinators and volunteers, on the other hand, is “a limit that must not be exceeded,” he warned.

Hamburg imposes strict mask requirements

In view of the thousands of mostly unmasked corona skeptics and opponents of vaccinations at demonstrations, the Hamburg Senate is also tightening the rules for meetings. In the future, masks will have to be worn during demonstrations, said Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer. Measures are also being prepared to ensure safety, order and protection against infection at gatherings.

The mask requirement should already come into force on Wednesday and then also apply to a protest demonstration registered on Saturday in the city center. For weeks, opponents of the corona policy in Hamburg have been taking to the streets on Saturdays – now with a large number of visitors. According to the police, around 8,000 people gathered in the city center last Saturday, compared with 5,000 the week before. According to the registration, the organizers expect 9,000 participants for the coming Saturday.

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