Weinstein process: The last witness describes her experience so oppressively


Lauren Young (26), the sixth and last witness to the indictment in the trial against Harvey Weinstein (67), testified on Wednesday. She described an assault in court that is said to have occurred in February 2013 in a bathroom in a Beverly Hills hotel room.

The meeting with Weinstein came about after Young, who was then in her early twenties, met the Mexican model Claudia Salinas (36). This was a friend of Weinstein and organized the meeting with the fallen film mogul. A script should be discussed that should be based on Young's life. "I was excited to network and share my idea," said Young, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


The meeting started in the hotel bar, but Weinstein is said to have moved it to his room, allegedly so that he could change for an award show. However, they are directly in the bathroom. Weinstein undressed and turned on the shower. Then he blocked the exit so that Young could no longer go out. At that moment she realized that she was caught.

"We only talk"

The bare tartar pushed her towards the sink and said: "We're just talking". Then he is said to have pulled down her dress, grabbed her chest and started to masturbate. "I said no, no, no, all the time," said Young. Weinstein then left the bathroom in front of her while she stood petrified in the bathroom.

A day later, Young had a meeting with a Weinstein production manager. She wanted to use the meeting to confront Weinstein with the alleged assault, but he did not show up. After that, she no longer responded to emails from the production manager: "I didn't want the job. I didn't want to have anything to do with them anymore."

Young still has no interest in suing Weinstein. She is one of the women who testify as so-called "prior bad acts". This means that their testimony is not related to the Weinstein charge in New York. However, the prosecutor hopes that it will show that Weinstein had an "abuse pattern".