Wembanyama can ‘be one of the greats’, admits NBA North American League boss

Paris is ready to host a gala match between the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls as part of the NBA regular season. On this occasion, the boss of the North American NBA League returned to the phenomenon Victor Wembanyama. A potential that the French could quickly assert on the American parquet floors.

Journalist : What can you tell us about Victor Wembanyama (19 years old, 2.21m)? It looks like he’s already part of the NBA…

Aam Silver : “I want to take precautions with this young man, because, hopefully, he has never set foot on an NBA floor, he has not even been + drafted + yet, and we He already has the label of a great player attached to him. It was the same with LeBron (James), but of course he confirmed later that he would be one of the greatest. Victor has all the potential to be at this level. Now, we no longer live in the same era as when LeBron landed in the NBA (in 2003). He already came to the United States recently to play against a G-League team (NBA antechamber, editor’s note). I believe that he already feels like part of the family, and I can’t wait to say hello to him tomorrow. I know from what I’m told that he’s not only a great player but a very good, very smart, very involved. When I see him, I will tell him to take it step by step, even if it’s cliché. I’m incredibly impressed, he knows he has to work on his body, his game, become nir more mature as a player. By the way, Earvin +Magic+ Johnson will be at the game tomorrow and he told me he couldn’t wait to shake his hand. There is a great tradition in the League of the best players taking the youngest under their wing.”

Journalist : Can Wembanyama change this sport?

Adam Silver : “We’ll see! (Nikola) Jokic is changing this sport in a way, Luka (Doncic) is doing things and taking shots in places that people didn’t predict, of course there’s Giannis, and also LeBron. There’s a structure to the sport, but there’s also artistry, and great players take advantage of their technique. For Victor, it’s partly his height, his stature, his athletic ability, his intelligence. … We will see.”

Journalist : Do you think he will be selected first in the next draft?

Adam Silver “I haven’t had the opportunity to see him play in person yet. One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that meeting a player is very important in this process. It’s a different experience from videos. Especially when you make such an important decision, which will have an impact on the future of his team. Jokic was selected in the second round of the lottery, Giannis (Antetokounmpo) was only taken in Fifteenth, Stephen Curry seventh…and I could go on and on. Michael Jordan wasn’t number one either.”

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