Wentworth Miller: serial star diagnosed with autism

Wentworth Miller
Serial star diagnosed with autism

Wentworth MIller in 2017 in Dortmund

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Actor Wentworth Miller was diagnosed with autism several months ago, as he has now revealed on Instagram.

The actor Wentworth Miller (49), who is particularly known from the series “Prison Break”, “Legends of Tomorrow” and “The Flash”, has autism. He made it public on Instagram. “As with everyone, life in quarantine has taken things away from me,” Miller opens his contribution. “But in the silence, the isolation, I found unexpected gifts,” he continues. Next fall, it will be a year since he was diagnosed with autism.

New perspective on almost 50 years

It was a “long, flawed process” before he got the final diagnosis. But Miller also knows that many people do not have the opportunity to be diagnosed at all. “Let’s say it was a shock, but not a surprise,” explains the actor. He is currently still working to better understand the developmental disorder. And he looks back on five decades of experience from new perspectives, which takes time.

Miller does not want to become a “loud, ill-informed voice in the room”. By making public that he had received the diagnosis, he only wanted to point out that he also had autism without having known it beforehand. Nor did he want to say that this was something he wanted to change. The actor immediately understood that autism is a central part of who he is – and of what he has achieved. Last but not least, Miller thanks all the people who have given him the opportunity in the past to interact with the world in his own way, even if this may not always have made sense to the others.