"We're not asleep": the 5 biggest controversies that marked the show: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

1. The departures of Bernard Tapie and Muriel Robin in full broadcast

On December 16, 2006, the program that started a few months earlier is still looking for its acclaim. During this first season, the duo composed ofEric Zemmour and of Michel Polac facing the guests invited on the blue armchair by Laurent Ruquier. And that evening there is electricity in the air … It all started with Bernard Tapie, who came to talk about the play in which he then performed alongside Adriana Karembeu. If the businessman likes to promote this new artistic project, he has less taste for answering Michel Polac's questions. The latter embarked on the old cargo of judicial affairs. True to himself, Tapie breastplates and confronts his interlocutor by bumping his chest. But it is too much for the former Minister of the City who will leave the set once the interview is over. Muriel Robin who succeeds her also looks gray. Not visibly playful at the idea of ​​responding to the invective of the two adversaries who face him, the humorist also decides to set sail, claiming that she "don't feel loved enough".

2. Laurent Ruquier compares Corsican terrorists to jihadists

In 2014, it was Laurent Ruquier who creates the controversy. During his traditional "flop-ten" which opens the show, he drops a sentence that will upset some:We must also make the effort to understand our Corsican friends, they are jealous. They, when they carry out attacks, there are not 4 million people who parade on the street. Nobody cares. In addition, the Corsican extremists have nothing to envy the Islamist terrorists, they can even lend themselves their hoods, it would make them less expense."Many insulting or threatening messages then denounced" anti-Corsican racism "on Twitter. Despite the controversy, Laurent Ruquier did not apologize.

3. Nadine Morano speaks of "white race" and provokes controversy

Saturday September 26, 2015, Nadine Morano splits a speech around the roots of France. Her comments make other people on the set uncomfortable and anger Internet users when she uses the expression "white race". "France is a country of Judeo-Christian roots, France is a country of white race ", declared the MEP, candidate for the Republicans' primary, quoting General de Gaulle. "I want France to remain France and I do not want France to become Muslim," she also added. Comments which will earn him the withdrawal of his nomination in the regional elections on October 7 by the national commission of investiture (CNI).

4. Christine Angot compares the Holocaust and slavery

June 1, 2019, it is the writer and now columnist Christine Angot who shocked by his words when she compares the Holocaust and slavery, thus asserting that "the goal with the Jews during the war was to exterminate them", while "with the slavery of blacks (…) The idea was on the contrary that they were in great shape, that they were in good health, to be able to sell them and that they were marketable"Controversial remarks, which will force her to apologize on the set of the show the following week.

5. Camélia Jordana causes an outcry by denouncing police violence

Before its last, the show will have offered a hell of a buzz after the show on Saturday, May 23, 2019. After two months of interruption the program is making a comeback and it is the singer Camélia Jordana who will create that evening polemic. In wanting to denounce the police violence, the young artist hides by some of her words: "I'm talking about the men and women who go to work every morning in the suburbs and who are massacred for no other reason than their skin color. It's a fact"A position that will earn the singer a litany of reactions on Twitter. The Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner will also speak to react to this controversy.

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