What are black ambulances? Rumors on social networks fuel fear


Rumors are circulating on social media platforms such as TikTok about “black ambulances” and criminals engaging in organ trafficking. Is it a real danger or just a myth?

Black ambulances are circulating in discussions on social media, but what’s behind it? (Source: Screenshot YouTube Myth File)

  • Claims about “black ambulances” and organ trafficking are circulating on TikTok.
  • The Federal Agency for Technical Relief and the BMI cannot confirm such cases.
  • It is apparently an old myth.

Videos and discussions are currently circulating on social networks such as TikTok about strange black ambulances being spotted in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Various people are sharing rumors on social media that criminals are driving these vehicles, attacking people, harvesting their organs and selling them.

In the USA there are black ambulances that are used to transport corpses or to transport donated organs. According to an information portal for US authorities, the black color was only chosen for reasons of discretion. There is no evidence of criminal activity of this kind involving such a vehicle.

It’s probably just an old myth

Rather, this is probably a myth that social media channels use to spread unnecessary panic and generate attention.

The ethnographer Petr Janecek points out that the myth of the black ambulance already existed in the former Czechoslovakia in the 1980s. There were also different variations in regions of the former Soviet Union, reports Radio Prague International.

Normal ambulances don’t usually look like this and organizations like the Federal Agency for Technical Relief also use blue vehicles.

BMI comments on rumors

According to Netzwelt’s request, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland cannot confirm the claims circulating on TikTok. A spokeswoman for the BMI tells us that there is no reliable information about such black ambulances.

Question the videos and claims you come across on social networks and don’t panic. A lot is said there, unnecessarily exaggerated and often fictitious.

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