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At only 18 years old, Jean-Paul Belmondo’s daughter has a big age difference with her other children. And this gap has often weighed on her, as she confided in an interview.

A gap that plays. While Jean-Paul Belmondo passed away on Monday September 6 at the age of 88, all eyes are now on his children. And more particularly on his youngest, Stella 18, whom the actor had at 70 with Natty Tardivel. Despite the big age difference with her father, she has always had a close relationship with him. Which has never been the case with the rest of the siblings.

In an interview for Paris Match of November 2019, the young woman confided that the age difference with Florence (59 years old) and Paul (56 years old) did not allow her to forge fraternal bonds with them. “I lived as an only daughter. And, although we do get together from time to time, for birthdays for example, I have missed stronger bonds ”, she confided in this interview. To compensate for this lack, she has always been able to count on her father “always ready to play the clown” to make her laugh, and on her niece, Annabelle Belmondo, Florence’s daughter. The two young women often participated in events together and they supported each other during the national tribute to the Invalides and the funeral of “Bébel”.


“I hate to be reduced to my lineage”

Still in the pages of Paris Match, Stella explained that her last name was a burden to bear. “I hate to be reduced to my lineage. It’s almost humiliating, I would prefer to be identified for my merits ”, she announced. And if in the Belmondo family, everyone has turned to the artistic world, the young woman of 18 years would like to join Sciences Po. “I don’t know if I will be able to escape it, but it is true that, in our family, everyone has more or less an artistic profession”.

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