what are the major challenges of the trial?

This Monday, November 16, 2020 opens the trial of Jonathann Daval before the Assises of Haute-Saône. He is indicted for "murder of a spouse", namely his wife, Alexia Daval.

Jonathann Daval's trial begins this Monday, November 16. This 36-year-old computer scientist is accused of having killed his wife. On October 30, 2017, the partly charred body of Alexia Daval, a 29-year-old bank employee, was found in a wood located a few kilometers from the Davals' home in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saône). Jonathann Daval had reported his disappearance two days earlier. In many media, the man spoke tearfully about his wife's fate. But in January 2018, twist, the beleaguered husband becomes suspect number 1. Placed in custody, he cracked and confessed to the murder of his wife, caused, according to him, by a violent argument. Then Jonathann will not stop retracting, accusing his brother-in-law, then admitting the murder again. It was in June 2019 that he finally confessed how he set Alexia's body on fire.

What the victim's family expects

"The Fouillot family has always been in moderation, never in excess. But moderation is not forgiveness. They do not expect exemplary punishment – moreover, exemplary punishment does not exist – they expect a just sentence, a sentence understood by them, which will take into account their pain and the recurring lies of Jonathann Daval ", Jean-Hubert Portejoie, one of the lawyers for the Fouillot spouses (parents of Alexia), their daughter Stéphanie and her husband Grégory told BFMTV. The mother of the accused, Martine Henry, warned in an interview with Republican East that her son "was ready to talk about things you don't know." Jean-Hubert Portejoie hopes "that these revelations will make it possible to obtain a judicial reality, because there are still many gray areas in this file, I think, in particular with the possible premeditation, the possible complicity, and then it will be necessary that it explains himself on the evening of the facts. How do you get there, how do you end up hitting your wife with fifteen punches and strangling her for four to five minutes? ”.
The relatives of the victim also want to have answers concerning one of their suspicions: the victim would have been intoxicated for many months before his death.
Jonathann Daval faces life imprisonment.

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