what are the risks of organizing an aperitif or an evening at home?

What are the rules for home confinement? Private gatherings are prohibited and breaking the rules can be costly, including jail. We take stock.

The examples of people fined for having received people in full confinement have multiplied in France and in Europe. With records, like these English students from Nottingham who were each fined 10,000 pounds at the end of October 2020 for a party organized at their home for around thirty people. Closer to us, in La Rochelle, 25 people gathered in a bar privatized for the occasion during the second Saturday of confinement, November 7, 2020. Caught in the act by the police, each guest must now pay 135 euros per person for non-compliance with confinement rules.
If the rules are relaxed, with the option to travel to work or school, what are the rules for private meetings? The head of state was very clear on October 28: "Private meetings outside the strict family nucleus are excluded".

6 months in prison for recidivism

Let's start with the most cheerful: weddings make it possible to meet a maximum of 6 people (including the married couple) at the town hall or in a place of worship. On the other hand, it is forbidden to prolong the party afterwards: gatherings are not allowed outside these 6 people at the town hall or in the place of worship.
Regarding funerals, it's a little more flexible: 30 people maximum, including funeral directors.

What are the penalties for people who break these rules? As we have seen, the bill can be (very) steep. 135 euros per person to contravene confinement; if you repeat the offense within 15 days, the amount increases to 200 euros. Three containment violations in less than a month will cost you 3,750 euros in fines; this offense is punishable by 6 months in prison.
In addition, the police cannot enter your home without your agreement to note the non-compliance with confinement. However, the verbalizations will be made when the guests leave your home.

In short, there is no need to open a sweatshop in your home with people living outside your home. Note that the smaller and more crowded a room, the less airy it is, the greater the risk of catching Covid-19.

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