"what color is your thong?" this gamer responds live

The gaming community is not known for its respect for women. Fortunately, gamers have a sense of repartee. The proof with these punchlines offered by Nega Oryx.

Nega Oryx is a gamer who performs live on Twitch (if you didn't get that phrase, welcome to the world of online video games). During these live broadcasts, viewers can comment and interact with the player. Not always for the best.

This is how on January 26, 2021, Nega Oryx shared on his networks a sequence in which a big heavy calls him via the comment section of his live. “What color is your thong today?” He sends her. Usually, the young woman is content to ignore the trolls, as is often advised on the internet. But this time it's too much. And here is our guy leaves for a little more than welcome lesson:
* Intense sigh *
"Respect women … you … total baby! What did you expect? You expected me to say 'blue'? Oh my god! But why?
(The young woman takes on a honeyed voice) Do you want to guess? Hahahah here is my number!
What do you think people are gonna do buddy? How do you see things going other than how it turned out? "

And the heavyweight to be offended: "You can't stand jokes!"

A quick and efficient lesson

Nega Oryx therefore decides to give him a little lesson on what is (or not) humor:
"Do you think what a joke is? You would imagine John Mulaney going on stage, pointing a finger at a woman in the audience and throwing 'What color is your thong today?' And then she would say 'sorry but this' is crap ”and he would say“ you can't stand jokes! ”You haven't gotten to the joke point there! We were just at the point where you behave like an acorn! made jokes there! Google "Mike Birbiglia: I'm joking" There is a super extract where he talks about the jokes that are ruined by people like you that say misogynistic shit, and when someone takes them back they say "I'm kidding. Because people say "you can't laugh at work now". NO. We can still joke. You can't anymore, because you weren't basically making jokes, you were just misogynistic and sexist shit! and now you don't like to hear it because someone is forcing you to look you in the face and it makes you uncomfortable. Because you know what you are, and you know that part of you that's good. So deep down inside, you have managed to forge a vision of yourself that makes you feel good and that is in conflict with that part of you that is shown to you and that you hate the most
And when I tell you: you are not kidding, I am asking you to take responsibility for becoming a better person, because you are not right now!
And I'm sorry if it's complicated for you to hear because you're the hero of your own story but you're just a footnote in other people's stories. "

* applause fed in the head of the editorial staff *
The conclusion of our new star is the best: "I need a beer…"

Very impressive also, the ability of our new queen to remain effective in her game: as Internet users have pointed out on Reddit, she plays Dead by Daylight, which requires great concentration or, in the case of Nega Oryx, a certain talent. What to silence the haters misogynists …

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